Comodo Device Manager

Why You Should Choose Comodo For Your Security Needs?

While most people only consider enterprise mobility to be about MDM, it is about so much more. There are millions of managed mobile devices being used for work purposes, so you need to have a product that does more, as well. At Comodo, our product can help with:

  • App distribution
  • App management
  • App security
  • Sharing content on tablets and smartphones
  • Securing all content on smartphones and tablets
  • Fast deployments
  • Easy management

All of the above can help end users and the IT department work more efficiently and be more productive.

Help With Issues

We are here to assist you through all the issues that come with managing, enabling and securing the mobile enterprise. You can think of us as your wingman that helps you get the right product and move forward because we've got everything you need, in a neat little package that's ready to install and use.


Some products on the market can take weeks to fully integrate with current systems, making it disagreeable and difficult to use. Our product makes it simple because you've got everything you need within minutes, depending on your upload and download speeds. You can trust us to make things easy to secure and readily available.


While most companies spout cost savings as a benefit, many don't show clear ROI, and that is a necessary thing. We can offer you an easy and clear way to find out about return-of-investment from your mobile security strategy. You can embrace BYOD programs, distribute apps quickly and secure email. You'll also be able to share content without sacrificing control over corporate data.

Problems Solved

We can help you solve problems with BYOD programs, moving to a multi-OS system, deployment and more.

Contact us today to learn more.

What's new in CMDM 3.0
OTA Enrollment

Over-the-Air enrollment of mobile devices

Fast Enrollment

Quickly import mobile devices and endpoints individually or via LDAP and Active Directory

Secure Enrollment

Authenticate users with a one-time password and/or with a user's Active Directory/LDAP credentials

Immediate Control

Enforcement of default profile means devices and endpoints can be securely managed right after enrollment

Immediate Security

Ensure the safety of data on endpoints and devices by running an automatic scan straight after enrollment.