Mobile Device Management

The Various Types Of Device Management

When most people think of device management, they think of one product doing everything, and they are somewhat correct. There really aren't many different types of MDM options if you think about it. They may do different things and have various features, but they all primarily do the same thing: help you manage devices. At Comodo, we believe in educating our customers and potentials, so they know what is available out there and why.

Types of device management will allow you to do various things, so it's important to know what you need and want from your product.

What It's For

You can use mobile device management to do many things, including:

  • Configure settings
  • Control which devices can access certain data
  • View all devices in the organization
  • View all apps that are installed and used on devices

Types Of Qualifying Points To Consider

There are two primary points that your software must do, which include supporting more than one platform and support Apple iOS. We understand that an enterprise will be filled with employees, all who prefer different devices. If your system only supports one platform, you won't be able to monitor everyone who uses different devices.

Device management vendors should support Windows, Android and Apple iOS because those are the most popular. That way, anyone can use any provider. Other platforms can be optional because you want to have options and market share choices.

Our Features

Our MDM solution features unified security, mobile antivirus and the ability to enforce policies, as well as remote data wipe, anti-theft options and isolation of data. All of these can be helpful and can be used with Apple iOS, Windows, and Android. If you would like to learn more about our MDM options and other products, contact us today.