Comodo Mobile Device Management

What is mobile device management?

Mobile Device Management is a software with additional security tools to manage mobile devices including laptops, tablets and computers. MDM - Manage workforce with unified security policy across multiple mobile operating system, enhance operational efficiencey and reduce cost and mitigating risks.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management helps companies/organizations reduce mobility challenges and minimize security threats/issues as well. MDM becomes highly important since it helps protect data from being stolen. (This includes corporate data as well as sensitive personal data of customers). MDM facilitates organizations to support corporate related programs on mobile gadgets like tablets, and smartphones that are meant for personal use by executing strict security policies to nourish and manage IT control over multiple platforms.

How Comodo MDM serves best to secure your company?

At Comodo, we believe that all employees should have appropriate access to the corporate resources while using devices such as smartphones, tablets and more. Our MDM product allows businesses to manage all devices efficiently and directly from a central console, which can:

  • Reduce mobility challenges
  • Reduce security threats/problems
  • Enable users to BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)

Safety is a primary concern for companies, and as such requires a product that keeps all devices safe, but also keeps all data secure. Through our mobile device management product, you'll be able to ensure that all emails, app catalogs, and browsers are safe, even when employees use their personal devices.

MDM License Options
MDM Feature Comparison Basic Premium
Complete MDM (Mobile Device Management)
Complete MAM (Mobile Application Management)
Complete MSM (Mobile Security Management)
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Support
Endpoint Security Management for Windows Devices including World Best Containment Technology

Community support
Professional support for 7 days 24 hours over email and phone
Free SSL certificate for management server from Comodo CA
(if you choose to install on your own server instead of Cloud)
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(*One premium license covers up to 5 mobile device per user or one computer)

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Comodo MDM – Features:

1. Antivirus - An effective antivirus system to instantly identify and purge out any virus or malware incorporating automated on-demand and scheduled scan capabilities. The antivirus system offers Cloud based Antivirus Scanning process and heuristic techniques for scanning unexamined viruses as well. Cloud based Antivirus Scanning process and heuristic techniques for scanning unexamined viruses as well.

2. Firewall - A built in packet filtering firewall is integrated to defend threats and protect your system from inbound and outbound Internet attacks even before the threats try to access the target victim's system.

3. Containment - This ensures that the unknown suspicious and unauthorized files are concealed and run inside a security shelled container. The unknown files and application that are quarantined cannot access the normal operations of the system and prevents the system from damaging your PC or data.

4. Host Intrusion Protection - The intrusion prevention system controls the aspects of all applications on your computer. HIPS obstructs the malicious activities by halting any action that could cause damage to the system memory, operating system, system memory and personal data.

5. Viruscope - Takes control over the activities and processes of your computer and warns the user when there exists any potential malware interference.

You'll also receive a real-time dashboard and advanced reporting/logging features so contact us today to learn more.

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