Mobile Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that can help with managing all the devices in your business. Companies now realize that there are more complex challenges with maintaining mobility. Mobile Device Management is a security-based software used to track, manage and safeguard mobile devices of the company's workforce when deployed across multiple mobile service providers and operating systems.

Companies tend to connect mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to their organizational network. Similarly, with trends like BYOD showing an emerging trend, employees of many companies now prefer working from home or while on the move, connecting to the enterprise network via mobile phones, tablets, laptop etc. In this scenario, it becomes really important that these mobile devices are monitored and managed by the company. It’s here that MDM (Mobile Device Management) comes in. Mobile Device Management software are used by companies and organizations today to manage and administer all mobile devices connected to their networks. Strict security policies are executed so that the IT department has full control across multiple platforms and the company/organization manages to reduce mobility challenges and minimize security threats/issues as well. MDM becomes highly important since it helps protect data from being stolen. (This includes corporate data as well as sensitive personal data of customers).

A typical MDM product provides a single console managing technique. This means that there would be a single admin console, a dashboard from where all mobile devices are managed and from where all content, apps etc are managed and administered, regardless of the platform used.

More and more people are working from home (telecommuting) or need access to the systems while in the field. At Comodo, we believe that all employees should have appropriate access to the corporate resources while using devices such as smartphones, tablets and more.

How MDM serves best to secure your company?

The Mobile Device management facilitates organizations to support corporate related programs on mobile gadgets like tablets, and smartphones that are meant for personal use by executing strict security policies to nourish and manage IT control over multiple platforms.

At Comodo, we believe that all employees should have appropriate access to the corporate resources while using devices such as smartphones, tablets and more.

Our MDM product allows businesses to manage all devices efficiently and directly from a central console, which can:

  • Reduce mobility challenges
  • Reduce security threats/problems
  • Enable users to BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)


The BYOD approach is becoming the ultimate in businesses worldwide. Everyone has particular devices they enjoy using more than others, so everyone can still be on the same page and follow what's going on, whether during a meeting or while out on the field.


Safety is a primary concern for companies, and as such requires a product that keeps all devices safe, but also keeps all data secure. Through our mobile device management product, you'll be able to ensure that all emails, app catalogs, and browsers are safe, even when employees use their personal devices.

Typical Features

Our product provides a single console managing technique, meaning that the admin console shows all devices, regardless of type or platform used. All corporate, employee and shared devices can be seen from the console.

The enrollment process gives a consistent flow for all primary platforms and allows end users and administrators to enroll new devices. Once enrolled, all devices are provided with the appropriate content, apps and restrictions and are authenticated automatically. You'll also receive a real-time dashboard and advanced reporting/logging features so contact us today to learn more.

What's new in CMDM 3.0
OTA Enrollment

Over-the-Air enrollment of mobile devices

Fast Enrollment

Quickly import mobile devices and endpoints individually or via LDAP and Active Directory

Secure Enrollment

Authenticate users with a one-time password and/or with a user's Active Directory/LDAP credentials

Immediate Control

Enforcement of default profile means devices and endpoints can be securely managed right after enrollment

Immediate Security

Ensure the safety of data on endpoints and devices by running an automatic scan straight after enrollment.