Mobile Device Management

What is Identity And Access Management?

Identity and Access Management focuses on managing individual principals, authorizations, authentications and privileges within the boundaries of the company and system. The primary goals include:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Security
  • Decrease Downtimes
  • Decrease Costs
  • Decrease Repetitiveness
Identity And Access Management

At Comodo, we understand the definition to be determining what users can do with their devices on the network and under which circumstances they can do them. Most security products on the market today emphasize mobile access and managing it in the corporate system.

How To Use/Run (IAM)

Because of security reasons, the tools you use for identity and access management should only be run as an application on a server or network appliance. These appliances can be in the cloud or on-premises. The core of the system includes policies that define which users and devices can be on the network and what they can do. The console functionality comes into play and will include reporting, policy definition, alarms, alerts and other requirements.

Our product allows you to set the policies and alarms, so if a user tries accessing resources they aren't permitted to use, you will be notified. Our product also comes with a log to document activities.

BYOD Strategies

If you have moved to the Bring-Your-Own-Device strategy, you're already taking steps in the right direction for more productivity and a competitive edge. Our product can help, because it offers automated provisioning and onboarding, automated verification statuses and support for various operating systems.

Identity And Access Management Capabilities

With our Access and Identity Management tool, part of our Comodo mobile device Management product, you'll have so many capabilities, which can include:

  • Creating
  • Deleting
  • Modifying
  • Authenticating
  • Authorizing
  • Delegating

It can also control the data used by applications, including locations and contact information. If you have decided that you need help managing all the devices that employees bring to work, contact us today.

What's new in CMDM 3.0
OTA Enrollment

Over-the-Air enrollment of mobile devices

Fast Enrollment

Quickly import mobile devices and endpoints individually or via LDAP and Active Directory

Secure Enrollment

Authenticate users with a one-time password and/or with a user's Active Directory/LDAP credentials

Immediate Control

Enforcement of default profile means devices and endpoints can be securely managed right after enrollment

Immediate Security

Ensure the safety of data on endpoints and devices by running an automatic scan straight after enrollment.

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