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At Comodo, we understand your need for security features and management options and believe our device manager will be exactly what you need. However, we also understand that there are many options and that you may want to get more information before making a decision. Therefore, we have included a brief explanation of our products and will provide you with a way to request more.

What We Offer?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a complex area of the industry that some people don't understand. If you aren't sure you need it or aren't sure what you need, we can answer all of your questions. Here are just a few ways that we can help:

  • Instantly manage all devices, users, apps and content from a single platform
  • Feel confident offering Byod programs, where work data is separate from employee's personal data
  • Ensure that productivity reigns while data is protected against threats and leaks
  • Use our product with existing infrastructures to leverage all investments

We provide full Mobile Device Management, as well as control options for security, applications, Endpoint security and more. You will also have support for Bring Your Own Device programs and community support. If you prefer our premium version, you'll also get professional support via phone or email, 24/7, as well as a free SSL certificate if you install our product on a server instead of using Cloud-based hosting.

How To Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our product, you can always check our overviews and features areas. If that isn't enough, our sales department can send you more information. Just make sure you tick the radio button that says sales request and input all the information requested. We will quickly send you information via email and will call you to follow up.


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What's new in CMDM 3.0
OTA Enrollment

Over-the-Air enrollment of mobile devices

Fast Enrollment

Quickly import mobile devices and endpoints individually or via LDAP and Active Directory

Secure Enrollment

Authenticate users with a one-time password and/or with a user's Active Directory/LDAP credentials

Immediate Control

Enforcement of default profile means devices and endpoints can be securely managed right after enrollment

Immediate Security

Ensure the safety of data on endpoints and devices by running an automatic scan straight after enrollment.