Mobile Device Management

Login at Comodo to Reap the Benefits

At Comodo, we can help secure and manage all your devices and endpoints using a single console. There are many reasons to consider us, including:

  • Threat Containment/Antivirus for servers, workstations, laptops, etc.
  • Security for all Windows Endpoints and Mobile Devices
  • Low-cost licensing options where you pay for users instead of devices
  • Flexible deployment (in-house or in the cloud)
  • Data and device security for all devices

What to Do?

If you would like to purchase our product, you will need to log in first. If you are already a customer and would like to see details about your account or make changes, you can input your password and email/username. Otherwise, select the "New" customer radio button, wait for the form to generate and complete it. Those boxes marked with an asterisk (*) must be included and you must agree to the service agreement.

When signing up, make sure you use the information for the person in charge of the account. For example, if everything must be approved by the CEO, they should provide their contact information. If the administrator of the IT department will be handling everything, they should include their information.

Please note: Individuals working within an organization cannot sign up for our product. You must be an MSP or approved to make these decisions first.

What You Get

Even with our basic edition, you will get a one-year subscription plan and personal assistance if necessary. We make it easy to contact us by telephone, email, sales request and live chat.

With your new Comodo account, you'll be able to add things to your shopping cart, fill in important account and contact information and complete orders.

If you would like the basic edition of the CDM, click here. If you would like a demo or want to purchase a premium version, click here.