Mobile Device Management

Learn about Endpoint Protection and How It Works

While most people aren't technically savvy, they usually have an IT department that tells them what they need and where to get it. If you're trying to learn a little more about these terms, you may be confused as there are many portals of information out there. At Comodo, we believe in making it easy and can help you find out how endpoint security works.

It is software that sits on machines that want to access your VPN. It checks the device to ensure it meets standard policies for protection. If the device doesn't meet those policy checks, access can be denied. Vendors can do things a little differently and can generate a notification that says the device failed and that you'll have to contact your network administrator for help. Other vendors will provide you with a website that can get you what you need to comply with the policy.

What It Does

In short, this software will make sure that machines don't get access if they have:

  • Non-updated virus scanning software
  • Antivirus software that is turned off
  • An unpatched operating system
  • Firewalls that are misconfigured
  • No firewall at all or one that has been turned off
  • Many other reasons

The reason it is important to find out how endpoint security works is because that machine, as well as the network and all other devices could be threatened if an unsecure machine gets access. It leaves an opening for hackers and cybercriminals to commandeer the machine and then the network and servers. This problem is true of VPNs that use a layer connection to open the system, which gives users similar access as if they used a category five cable. If you would like to learn more about how endpoint security works, contact us today.