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Why Comodo Free MDM?

Comodo Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a free software to manage your iOS, Android and Windows Phones. It features device encryption for data and communication security, and GPS location to manage, monitor, deploy, wipe or retire the devices. Comodo Free MDM software supports BYOD and complete application management on multiple platforms. Patch management, configuration settings roll-out, and security management are taken care of by Comodo free MDM software.

Free MDM Trial Benefits

We offer a free and premium option, so you can pick and choose what you need for the budget you have. Our free version offers:

  • Free MDM
  • Free Mobile Security Management
  • Free Mobile Application Management
  • Free BYOD
  • Free Mobile Email Management
  • Free Mobile Threat Management
  • Free Android Device Management

For some of our customers, the basic version is plenty and does what they need, but if you find you need or want more, you can get a free, one-month trial of our Endpoint Security Management for Windows, which includes the world's best containment technology. You'll also get everything mentioned above in the basic package, as well as professional support all day, every day and a free SSL certificate if you install our product on your server.

With our premium license, you'll be covered for one computer or up to five devices per person.

Once you have requested our product, you can get set up and start enrolling devices. You'll also be able to set up compliance rules and policies, as well as push docs and apps to your devices.

We offer you complete support and give you everything necessary to manage all mobile assets. Plus, if you decide to keep using our product, you won't have to reset everything or go through the setup process again.

If you would like to learn more about our products and how they can help you, contact our sales department for a sales request, or a demo. Just fill out the short form with all required information and you'll hear from them shortly. They can help you start the process of setting up and using your 30-day free trial.

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