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Why You Need An Endpoint Security Manager For Protection?

Endpoint Security Manager

Businesses frequently follow the news and hear about a new breach in security. Cyber-attacks are on the rise, so it makes sense that companies be concerned and keep their endpoint secure. You need protection against malware infections and other attacks. At Comodo, we understand your need for computer safety and our manager program can help. We provide an excellent firewall to address your needs and will be able to help with the protection of data and analysis of malware.

IT managers are now challenged in new ways and must secure multiple locations, especially with byod programs popping up in almost all organizations. These areas can include:

  • Internet offices
  • Mobile users
  • Gateways
  • Virtual desktop infrastructures
  • Websites
  • Virtual data centers

Our product can help the IT department manage more endpoints so guests and users can work anytime and anywhere without risk.

Why you need Endpoint Security Manager

Our endpoint security manager can protect your networks, keep performance high and make it easy to do the things you need to do. We provide excellent protection for all your devices, without slowing things down. Your employees can remain highly productive, even while our product is running. Plus, our tools help you remove many dangerous products automatically, so you don't have to worry about remembering.

Our product can tell you when something is wrong and can list all the events, so you don't have to go to the device itself to find out the problem. You'll also be able to configure things to fit your company's needs and can install what the customer needs instead of an entire package that's required.

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What's new in CMDM 3.0
OTA Enrollment

Over-the-Air enrollment of mobile devices

Fast Enrollment

Quickly import mobile devices and endpoints individually or via LDAP and Active Directory

Secure Enrollment

Authenticate users with a one-time password and/or with a user's Active Directory/LDAP credentials

Immediate Control

Enforcement of default profile means devices and endpoints can be securely managed right after enrollment

Immediate Security

Ensure the safety of data on endpoints and devices by running an automatic scan straight after enrollment.

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