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What is the Difference Between MDM, MAM and EMM?

March 16, 2016 | By admin 
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It seems that every industry has its own particular set of jargon and terms, and the world of mobile security is no different. In fact, with all the acronyms in used today around this important part of technology and business, it can be more than a bit confusing.


In order to know which of the services you require, MDM, MAM or EMM, it is first important to understand their differences. These are not absolutely clear delineations, and you will find overlap between the three options.


MDM or mobile device management is really a self-explanatory term. This is a software system that provides the business with the ability to track and manage all mobile devices and also desktop computers, all through one system.

New versions of mobile device management system are very comprehensive and include technology that allows the administrator to track usage and access to data, wipe the device remotely if it is lost or stolen, and even to manage VPN services. This also includes the ability to enable or disable specific features, set up levels of access for users and even to manage apps.


For businesses that operate using a lot of apps, or have very specific company information within apps, the MAM or mobile application management tools may be required. This will also be the case if the MDM service doesn’t provide support and security for apps, which is common with some of the very basic systems not offering a full suite of services.

In addition, with MAM a company can design their own internal use apps or to build secure apps for their customers and end-users. This is critical in many business applications, and it can be an exceptional option to provide top level customer service, enhance sales, and to provide value-added services for customers.

Security, development and testing of apps can all be handled through these tools, as can distribution of the apps once they are ready for public or internal use.


As a comprehensive or complete package of services, a company may wish to consider an EMM enterprise mobility management.  As with the MDM and MAM solutions, the best EMM is going to be adaptable to the individual company needs as well as designed to provide all the services required within one platform and one dashboard for ease access for administrators.

With EMM, you have additional features over and above what you will find with mobile device management (MDM) platforms. All are good options to consider, and it really just depends on what your business needs.

MDM & MAM Difference



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