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The Top 5 Benefits of Having MDM on Workplace Devices

March 23, 2017 | By admin 
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Having MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution on workplace devices is beneficial for any company.

Today, there are many companies that have more than 70 percent of their employees accessing company data through personal devices. Thus it becomes imperative for any company today to manage the use of such personal devices that are used to access organisation network. It also becomes necessary for the company to use MDM to streamline internal communications and to thus ensure better turnaround time and overall customer service.

Comodo MDM, coming from the global leader in cyber security solutions and SSL certificates, has already earned a reputation of its own. Here’s a look at the benefits that any company can enjoy by having Comodo’s MDM program on workplace devices.

Benefits of Having MDM


Mobile Device Management is very important from the security perspective. The Comodo system helps prevent external entities, which may include cyber criminals as well, from gaining access to devices connected to a company network, thereby contributing greatly towards securing data. It also helps add passwords, erase data if a device gets stolen or is lost and get alerts about the presence of jail broken or rooted devices. Moreover, it also contributes towards ensuring a very secure cloud storage.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which is now an emerging trend all the world over, is itself seen as something that helps companies in cost-cutting, by using employees’ personal devices for work rather than in investing on buying systems and devices. But then, securing such devices by investing in individual solutions for each single device was difficult and expensive as well. Today, with a device management software like the one from Comodo, it can all be centralised and thus costs can be cut to a great extent. Every device is thus brought under the same umbrella.

Helps IT department in troubleshooting:

The Mobile Device Management software helps the IT department of any organisation in troubleshooting. The IT guys can use the program to troubleshoot common problems as and when they happen and not bother about dealing with floods of separate problems simultaneously.

Managing and updating apps:

An MDM system enables a company to insert into devices the apps that could help the company carry out their business more effectively. It also helps in managing and updating these apps.


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