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Need For Mobile Security Management Across Business Enterprises

February 29, 2016 | By admin 
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In the past, and since the addition of mobile devices to the workplace, businesses have owned and managed the devices. This included laptops and even the first generations of cell phones and therefore, were also able to incorporate the earliest forms of mobile device management (MDM).

Mobile Security Management

Today, with more businesses not just encouraging but relying on BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policies, there is a need to incorporate MDM platforms to include a wide variety of devices and technologies, often running on different operating systems and incorporating different levels or layers of security.

This combining or joining of BYOD and corporate MDM has a specific name, and that is mobile security management or MSM. This is a comprehensive approach for a company to ensure the same level of security for all devices used with the business from wearable smart watches through smartphones, tablets, laptops and back to the desktop computers.

The Solution

There are a variety of very effective solutions available for companies incorporating mobile device management as part of their complete MSM strategy. The best of these platforms not only integrate with existing security on mobile devices, but they also enhance the ability of those devices to be used in a BYOD program.

A good example of this is the new Microsoft Surface Pro ll tablet running the lastest Window’s operating system. There are currently security features built into the tablet, and it is also fully compatible with the Open MDM support through Windows 8.1. This package is designed to integrate the tablet into any other MDM platform, including those offered by a third-party provider, or to run with the Open MDM platform.

With the Open MDM only available for Windows 8.1 devices, this third-party integration makes it a very practical option for business with BYOD policies and coordinating different operating system, devices and access requirements.

Other Features

With MSM, it is also important to have the ability to address potential network and web security issues after the device is registered and managed from a central dashboard by administrators.

The other aspects to consider are what can be done to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands if a device is stolen or lost. The best MSM systems include a remote wipe option, allowing all data to be removed from the device to prevent access.

Additionally, some of the best mobile device management platforms even provide additional options to stop hackers and others from accessing the data on the device. This includes the use of boot control firmware that prevents external bootloaders from getting around passwords and accessing information, adding yet another layer of protection.


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