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Challenges That Small Business Using Employee Apps Face

September 8, 2016 | By admin 
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Businesses today encourage things like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Thus, employees’ usage of their own personal devices or their own apps is part of the organizational set-up of the present day business scenario.

As for small businesses, the over-all budget is mostly very low and they have constraints as regards resources, including human resources. BYOD and mobility happen to be integral to the work culture of such small businesses. Using employee apps is rampant as regards small businesses. This helps a lot, but there are some challenges that small businesses face as regards using employees’ apps, device management etc. Let’s take a look at these challenges.

BYOD For Small Business

Regarding Cloud Server

Cloud servers have turned favourite today, compared to physical servers. This helps small businesses have control over who views content and also gives them office suite add-on with cloud storage. It also helps as regards data protection, data recovery and analytics and also in automatic file updating-syncing. These features are there for most cloud servers. Thus small businesses with relatively new entrepreneurs would find it difficult to make a choice regarding the server. This can be solved by checking if the server that’s being considered offers features like zero-day update, device diversity, flexibility in expense management and rapid deployment. These features would help greatly in device management and expense management.

Regarding BYOD policies

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is very useful for small businesses as it saves time, cost etc and enhances productivity as well. But there are some concerns that need to be addressed, especially relating to device management. There can be confusions are regards allowing/restricting classified information, installation of software on devices, security and device management. Businesses may find it confusing at times as critical, classified information cannot be allowed on employees’ personal devices. As regards software installation, confusions arise because some software can be installed only on specific devices and hence BYOD employees might have limitations relating to software access. BYOD also makes impossible an integrated work environment, thereby causing security concerns and reiterating the need for proper device management. These issues can be solved by having a proper BYOD policy and a well-defined device management plan. There should also be good regulatory compliances within the policy framework.

Regarding business process configuration

In the age of mobility-centric business and device management strategies, configuring business processes poses challenges for small businesses. Such businesses, owing to smaller investments, may opt for rather inexpensive hosting servers, which may not support file syncing between devices. This would cause issues in migrating business processes to handheld devices. This can be solved by re-planning the device management strategy in such a way that custom business applications are made for the mobile platform in use and also by moving business to a task-oriented mobility-optimized platform in a phased manner.

Regarding usage of external apps

Enterprise app development and management is an integral part of device management and is very important for small businesses. The challenges pertain to technical glitches that affect the running of the apps, front-end development challenges etc. These can be solved easily too by using some tools or by careful choice of apps.

IoT-related issues

IoT (Internet of Things), which is part of the business world today, poses challenges like incompatibility of the device-agnostic approach with IoT. This too has to be fixed by planning compliance to the EVM liability shift or similar standards, upgrading PoS terminal etc.

There are other challenges as well relating to lead generation, employee management, mobile device management etc, all of which can be solved by proper planning and strategizing.


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