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Secure Text Messaging with MDM

August 3, 2016 | By admin 
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Text Messaging is a popular and cost-effective form of communication that is used for both personal and business purposes. Business communication is done through laptops, tablets, smart phones and other devices. Many organizations provide these devices to their employees for business purposes. And many organizations allow employees to use their own devices (BYOD).

Secure MDM

This creates security issues as users would be connecting their devices to the enterprise’s servers directly or they would be connecting their devices to other users who in turn would  be connecting their devices to the enterprise’s servers. If any user device had got infected with malware then that malware could spread to other devices and to the organization’s servers. Organizations have to take the  necessary measures to ensure information security and prevent malware infection. IT security administrators can manage the numerous devices on their network with Mobile Device Management (MDM).


In the corporate world, competitors and malicious hackers may try to eavesdrop or steal the data. Corporate espionage is widely practiced. In order to safeguard corporate communication – including text messaging, organizations must implement effective mobile device management.

Due to the popularity of text messaging, organizations must take special measures along with MDM. They must define the workflow that makes use of the technology for secure running of the business. Workflows must define the role and policies for text messaging.

Based on the workflow, the policies must define the users who are allowed to use secure text messaging. It must also specify responsibility of the user towards theft or damage of the device. It must define the networks, and devices that must be supported and what will not be supported. Policies must define whether consumer messaging apps such as WhatsApp, or iMessage can be allowed or not.

Why is MDM Important?

  • Some messaging apps secure the transmission of the messages with end-to-end encryption. This is a laudable feature.
  • MDM can be used for encrypting the data on the devices, and other rules, restrictions and pass codes.
  • The IT security admin who controls MDM can define the policies and roll out them on to the mobile devices. The admin would be able to control the security policies.
  • MDM can prevent taking of screenshots of secure messages. This would help protect corporate data.

MDM in Healthcare

  • MDM can help ensure HIPAA compliance of the workflow followed in the healthcare.
  • Images can be protected and encrypted using MDM. Mobile Device Management Ensures secure text messaging for communication.

Secure MDM


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