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The Benefits of Mobile Security Training

December 2, 2016 | By admin 
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Mobile security has become top priority now, in the age of BYOD, not just for individuals, but for enterprises as well. This because it’s easy for hackers to gain an entry into the enterprise network through any BYOD device, any mobile device that’s unsecured. Thus BYOD could cause great damages to companies and businesses, and it’s here that BYOD security, MDM etc gain relevance.


When we discuss solutions to these issues, one aspect that seems striking is the relevance of mobile security training. In this age of BYOD and MDM, it’s proper training that can help employees learn how to minimize instances of data breaches, malware threat etc. It’s only proper training that can make employees understand why enterprise security is everybody’s responsibility in this age of BYOD and MDM.

Well, there are different reasons why mobile security training becomes essential for employees in the times of BYOD and MDM. Let’s examine some of these…

Mobile security training helps employees fight risks and attacks

This could be seen as the primary and the most important benefit of mobile security training. It’s believed that people are the best defense against security threats and attacks. Hence when the employees are trained properly, especially about risks to BYOD devices, they would be able to avert those risks. When there is a security breach, especially relating to BYOD, employees using these BYOD devices would be able to handle things better. Similarly, proper training would also make them refrain from clicking on phishing links or opening malicious websites, non-HTTPS websites etc while using their BYOD devices. This would thus contribute to better MDM for any company.

Mobile security training has its effects on the office culture

In a company that depends much on BYOD and BYOD devices, mobile security training would definitely have a good impact on the office culture. It helps create a security-conscious office culture and employees would have a better understanding of BYOD security, Mobile Device Management etc and would also be having clear notions as regarding cybersecurity challenges, endpoint protection etc. Moreover, when they realize that they are central to a company’s web security and overall success, they would feel more motivated to perform better.

Mobile security training is beneficial for the IT departments

Mobile security training given to the employees of a company proves beneficial for the IT department guys as well. It reduces the burden on them because they would have less “mess” to clean up, especially because employees would be less careless and more error-free. They would also not have as many support requests or help requests as they would otherwise have in a company that doesn’t give importance to mobile security training.


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