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Mobile Device Management – Not Just for Security

May 18, 2016 | By admin 
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MDM Not Just Security

Mobile device management (MDM) is very important today and it will be even more valuable in the future. In fact, many companies are taking advantage of the freedom and mobility provided by a new generation of smart phones and computers. Of course, managing wireless connections must include strategies for the best possible security but the best MDM tools can provide a business with a host of benefits. Let’s check out some examples.

Benefits of Kiosk Mode

With the right system in place many devices can be placed in kiosk mode to access the system. But what is kiosk mode and how does it affect mobile device management?

Defining Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode works together with MDM programs and it allows a browser to run a specific application in full screen mode.

Kiosk for Business

With the help of specialized software, Kiosk features allow the user to take care of the customer’s needs and notify the right people someone is here for a scheduled appointment. A MDM system with tablet computers can be used to confirm appointments and order additional services. In kiosk mode, other features and functions are not available so the user has complete access to business related matters, through the software program.

Automotive Services

Suppose you run an auto oil change and car wash service. Mobile device management can be invaluable. There is no need to invest in special computers and your people can use normal tablet computers or smart phones (in kiosk mode) to easily access your business information center. It’s possible to perform most required business functions from a standard wireless device.

Food Services

Not long ago, food industry workers used tablet and pencil to take orders from customers. However, thanks to modern MDM systems, these tools are no longer needed. This saves money on paper, printing and is good for the planet.

With the help of mobile device management applications, food servers enjoy instant access to menus and there is no need to constantly update and print out new menus. This is important for promotions and daily specials. Plus, with sophisticated and easy to use software, keeping track of 3 or 300 servers is not a problem.

Through modern management, many businesses can be enhanced including manufacturing, airlines and information terminals. These systems are pointing the way to the future with better service and increased business efficiency, in addition to added security.MDM Device Management


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