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Mobile Device Management decides the safety of IT Infrastructure

February 23, 2017 | By admin 
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There is an intense rise in the demand of smart phones most significantly at work place. Companies are adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concepts and strategies that enables BYOD to enable employees to use their personal gadgets to access company data, email and other digital resources. 90% of the companies, are implementing the use of BYOD policies with new versions of mobile apps to make it more mobile friendly.

Benefits of BYOD

The BYOD policies is taking a different approach revolutionizing the use of technology to unleash a mobile work environment to enhance connectivity and productivity with the use of mobile gadgets. Industrial sectors that demands mobility as an integral part of the business are exploiting the best you of BYOD policies to show a productive and consistent work flow.

Mobile Device Management

Accessing company data on the move as been the most sought after means of exploiting the technology. BYOD does it all, the accessibility of data from anywhere makes it more versatile for the organization stay productive.

Importance of Mobile device management 

When there are pros there are cons equal to it. There is nothing more dangerous much as accessing company data through a user’s personal gadget. The first question to brain storm is — are the gadgets used to access company data safe and secure. How can organization outsmart these kind of hurdles. Mobile Device Management takes the call to fix the security issues. Mobile Device Management aids any organization in managing, integrating and securing mobile devices connected to the corporate network. Administrators frame rules and manage application settings on the mobile devices that are integrated with the company’s network. If a company does not have Mobile Device Management (MDM), Digital assets would definitely be at stake and cannot be assured of security. The major setback of companies not implementing the use of MDM is that IT manager would not have a clear knowledge as to which mobile device have access to which company data. The admins would also not know which device is functioning on which platform which further stands a loop hole for security issues to sneak in, leading to loss of company’s sensitive data. This would also give way for generating attack vectors to access the company’s infrastructure.

When the company’s IT infrastructure is aided with powerful MDM solution, the IT admin can be vigilant to protect the network and the data that are accessed from the personal mobile devices over the corporate network. The MDM is through to prevent the unwanted interference of malicious apps from stealing critical data from a user device. Through MDM, the admin can erase the confidential data from ex-employees’ device and restrict their access to any other company resources.

Hence the use of MDM would help the organization to stay compliant with industry regulations at all range of levels.

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