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Key features to look for in Mobile Device Management software

April 1, 2016 | By admin 
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Allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for business makes a lot of sense for a company by cutting down on the cost of purchasing the devices, keeping up with all the upgrades, and constantly having to replace devices as they age.

The BYOD trend, or Bring Your Own Device movement, has created a need for businesses to ensure security across the devices with business apps, data, and email. Since everyone is bringing their own device, this means that the mobile device management software has to be flexible, capable of working with a variety of devices and operating systems and that it offers the features that are key for the business.

Mobile DeviceDevice Management

Key Factors to Include

There are several critical factors or features for any business to consider in mobile device management. These are the basics, and each business may also have additional needs or requirements that are great extras to have.

In no particular order of importance, all businesses need to look for the follow features in any MDM software platform they are considering:

  • Compatibility with operating systems  – to cover the basics for both mobile devices and computer operating systems it will be important to ensure the MDM works with at least Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian for mobile devices. For computer systems look for those operating with Linux, Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS.
  • Customer support – customer or end-user support through the MDM should include the option to include a help desk, multi-language options and support, as well as a self-service portal.
  • Reporting – it is very helpful to have the flexibility in the MDM to obtain the reports you need. For most businesses these reports will be standard including analytics, notifications and alerts and scanning ability of devices on the system.
  • Management – a central dashboard type of MDM is extremely helpful to managers. This allows administrators to simply log into the system and track all information, as well as receiving notification as set up for your particular business needs.
  • Integration – it will be important for any mobile device management software to integrate with your existing programs and software. This includes your web-based email, cloud apps and services, active directory/LDAP and any automatic backup and restore services you have running.
  • Security – one of the most important features or factors will be the security offered. Since this is a primary reason for choosing an MDM, compare different software packages for the most complete options. In general, consider issues such as:
    • Jailbreak detection
    • Data encryption (by device or file and folder)
    • Malware detection
    • Remote wiping and locking
    • VPN
    • Internet and WiFi configuration.

Finding the right mobile device management will require time spent in making comparisons. You should also ask about a trial period or a demonstration period where you can try out the software, and this is a great opportunity to try the features and compare software options.

MDM Overview


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