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Importance of Mobile Device Management for an Enterprise

May 24, 2016 | By admin 
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mobile device management

Mobile Device Management plays a critical role in ensuring the security of enterprise productivity. The increasing adoption of mobile devices, instant communication requirements, and employee demand to bring your own device (BYOD) policy across the corporate workplaces are beneficial for the enterprise business development. Mobile Device Management becomes inevitably necessary as enterprise mobility requires security.

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets allow employees within a corporate environment to instantly communicate across the cross functional teams. When business communication is instantaneous, employees can sync data across multiple devices and access the enterprise server for specific needs. However, with the plethora of mobile devices in use, IT leaders in charge of enterprise security are faced with the daunting task of managing the devices and warding off the dangers that may come through them.

Risks of mobile devices

  • Devices can get lost or stolen – enterprise data maybe lost or might land into the wrong hands
  • Employees could download malicious apps and content
  • Devices can get infected with malware, and they may spread to other devices in the network
  • Less security – when compared to a network of fixed, business-owned devices

Essential Features of Mobile Device Management

  • Manage different types of devices – smartphones, tablets, POS devices, etc.
  • Platform compatibility – support multiple Operating Systems, including Android, iOS and Windows
  • Manage different types of applications – whitelisting, blacklisting and blocking of applications
  • Enable encryption
  • Device tracking
  • Remote data wiping – erasing data on device if it gets lost or stolen
  • Manage effective antivirus solution on devices, including updates
  • Segregate data based on managed and un managed apps
  • Containerization of apps  requiring advanced security
  • Enforcing and managing mission-critical security polices on devices
  • Containment of malware infection in devices

Ineffective Mobile Device Management could lead to security breaches that could have severe implications for the enterprise.


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