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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vs MDM

March 16, 2017 | By admin 
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There has always been a myth of identifying both MDM (Mobile Device Management) and EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) as the same. However there is a vast difference between the two and it is critical for the healthcare industry to understand the difference.

How EMM is different from MDM

The Mobile Device Management has been the sought after solution to fix the challenges in the healthcare industry. However the EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) has been evolved to cater massive mobility management solutions at full measure including Mobile Content Management (MCM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and identity and access management (IAM).

EMMMDM Isn’t Sufficient to Manage the Mobile Device Platform -Why?

MDM was easier to support when the mobile platform was uncomplicated. However, with mobile environment weaved in with more complex technologies brought in the evolution of EMM which embraces MDM solution within along with other solutions – which is in reality a considerate demand to the organizations.

The MDM(Mobile Device Management) implementation started to interfere with the BYOD policies of an organization. When MDM was integrated with BYOD strategies, the IT admin could not settle down and had run beyond the BYOD operating limitations and the issue was found prominent where employees brought in their own devices to support work.

EMM on the other hand has been found much pliable and versatile allowing IT admins to generate policies on both levels of application and information.

When communicating with vendors to build a secure application platform, consider the four points to identify an EMM solution

Support Options: EMM offers inventory, remote activities like monitoring and analytics.

Provisions the device: EMM solution provisions the devices to configure applications for the purpose of enterprise deployment.

Validate Compliance: It offers solutions to audit, track and report the inventory usage to validate compliance with the enterprise policies.

Protection of Enterprise Data: It mitigates cyber theft, data loss and other malware attacks. The data protection is done by incorporating protection mechanism like data encryption, device lock-down, data access rights and containment technology.


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