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Did you Know that Mobile Device Management is Adopted by Many Businesses Today?

September 13, 2017 | By admin 
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Smartphones have now become an integral part of the corporate work culture. Businesses today are only too happy to adopt mobile device technology and make the most of it. There are of course many advantages of adopting trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and encouraging employees to use their personal mobile devices to carry out work. On the one hand, it gives employees lot of freedom and flexibility, especially the flexibility to work from remote locations and the freedom to log on to work at any time, from any place. This directly increases productivity and also guarantees better job satisfaction to the employees. It also helps companies make the most of latest technology, as people using smartphones and other mobile devices would keep themselves abreast of emerging technological trends.

The other side of it, the negative aspect, concerns security. When employees log on to work and connect to enterprise networks from their personal devices, it could prove a great risk to enterprise security. Sensitive personal data of customers and corporate data could be compromised.

Thus, mobile device management is today top priority for any company. Most companies today invest on mobile device management. Here’s a look at the different ways in which mobile device management would help an enterprise secure information…

Better remote management– An enterprise can ensure that all mobile devices connected to its network remain secure by making use of better remote management. Remote device management includes remote locate, lock and wipe, device restriction settings, restricting website access etc. It also includes monitoring and controlling BYOD privacy settings.

Paying attention to compliance reporting– Enterprises today have to adhere to compliance standards and hence it becomes a great risk to have an unauthorized device attached to an enterprise network. Mobile device management helps enterprises have full control over the devices and also helps them as regards things like registration and configuration. In addition to this, it helps companies track and monitor an organization’s compliance initiatives.

Better and Secure Document Sharing– Enterprises carry out their businesses by means of many documents- contracts, presentations etc- that need to be shared and updated from time to time. Mobile device management helps enterprises ensure that such documents are shared in a better and quicker manner, and with of course in a secure manner as well.

Thus, businesses today can adopt mobile device management and make the most of the mobile device technology.


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