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Android Security: Tips to Secure and Save Your Business

July 21, 2016 | By admin 
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Android devices are getting immensely popular; android mobile devices are now the most widely used mobile devices in the world. But security wise there are lots of issues that bug android devices. There are mobile device management (MDM) experts who opine that android devices are among the least secure.

Every week mobile device management experts seem to be finding at least one new security threat coming up and causing them real headache. The threats come in the form of third-party apps, malicious software etc and MDM experts are forced to pool their resources to fight these threats from cyber-criminals. Despite the efforts made by mobile device management experts to mitigate damages caused by such threats and attacks, malware strikes and cyber threat attacks do happen and data breaches are reported from all across the world.

Android Security

Mobile devices, as we all know, have a major role to play in the modern enterprise. Hence android security is of paramount importance as regards enterprise security too. It’s therefore that companies and organizations all the world over invest greatly on having well-defined mobile device management policies in place. They have MDM experts working day and night to make sure that security-related flaws are either done away with or minimized. But still there are many avenues through with enterprises and their businesses can be attacked.

Tips to secure, save business

So, what steps can be taken to secure and save businesses that face threats pertaining to mobile security, especially android security? Here are some basic tips pertaining to that.

  • The first thing that can be done is to make sure your company has a proper, well-planned MDM strategy in place. Hire real good experts because this matters a lot. This directly relates to the security of your firm and your business as a whole.
  • Make sure your data is protected and locked down. Be sure as to where files are stored and who all has access to them. You may think it’s not easy, but it’s not impractical either. You just need to have proper document control solutions in place, ensuring that files, especially the ones that directly relate to the website security of your business, are in your control even when they leave your firewall. Thus files would remain safe even when there is a malware strike.
  • Mobile device management experts would always advise you to manage and containerize most third-party applications. Firstly, it would be good to go for trusted applications only. Moreover, encrypting apps and the data that the apps manage is also a must. This because there are many third-party applications that leak data and also gather data from your device. So it’s best to exercise caution as regards apps.
  • All mobile device management experts opine that employees are the best tool as regards mobile security in enterprises. Hence, training and educating employees as regards android security would no doubt be a great MDM strategy for any enterprise.
  • Make sure all devices used within the organization are monitored and under full control. Yes, monitoring every single device within the enterprise along with android antivirus is a very important MDM strategy.


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