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An Overview Of Mobile Device Management

February 12, 2016 | By admin 
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Being able to access information at any time and at any place with a wide range of different devices is a very real benefit to being in business today. With smartphones, notebooks, laptops and tablets, not to mention the new varieties of internet connected devices entering the market; mobility is a key aspect of keeping in touch.

An Overview Of Mobile Device Management

Along with all of this mobility comes an increased concern about security. This includes both accessing information through browser-based options as well as the use of apps on smartphones, tablets and other types of portable devices.

This is where mobile device management or MDM comes into play. Not only will MDM address these very real security concerns but it is also essential in simply managing IT resources.

The Perks of MDM

As companies look to mobile device management software systems, there are several different benefits or perks to using the software beyond the basics of security and management.

This system can be designed and configured to prevent restricted, confidential, proprietary or sensitive information from being sent outside of the company networking systems. It can also track devices that access the data, right down to the time of the access and how that data or application was used.

This can all be completed through a dashboard access, which gives administrators a quick, efficient and simple way to view what is going on with devices and users on the system in real time. Notifications can also be set up in the event there is a breach of data or an unauthorized attempt to access data to compromise an application.

Additional Benefits

  • With the best MDM software programs a tiered or hierarchical system to allow different levels of users to access different information can be set up and configured to an individual company’s needs.
  • This not only adds to the security, even from remote devices, but it also allows for a company to be completely within any protocols or compliance required through law or industry standards.
  • MDM makes it possible to set up the option to remote wipe information off of a mobile device. This means that if a device is lost or stolen, which is very common, all the data can be completely removed from the device by any administrator with the access to complete this operation.
  • Different types of MDM software will offer different features, different levels of security, and different options for customization to your business needs. The type of devices your employees use, including if they are Apple or Android, tablets or smartphones, or a combination of various devices and operating systems will also be a consideration when choosing your mobile device management software system.

MDM Overview


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