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Advanced Capabilities of Leading Mobile Device Management Systems

November 27, 2017 | By admin 
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Capabilities of MDM

Does Your Mobile Device Management (MDM) Contain The Following?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology is talked about much these days. Chiefly because more and more enterprises are shifting towards a ‘mobile-device-driven’ work environment. While this trend certainly helps the modern-day employee to work on-the-go from almost anywhere, the security challenges they bring into the work environment cannot be denied altogether.

Therefore, the most relevant question, as of today, would be: what is the best mobile device management solution out there? In other words, what does it take for an MDM solution to be considered as one of the best in the industry? Let’s look at the answers one by one:

Mobile Device Management (MDM) should be able to:

Enroll and Manage Devices Easily: Fast device enrollment helps enterprises get started with mobile device management easily. An MDM which facilitates quick or bulk import of mobile devices via LDAP or Active Directory import can ensure thousands of endpoints (or mobile devices) get enrolled in a matter of minutes.

Support Advanced Features: Next comes the kind of security policy which these solutions would impose on the endpoints. Do they come equipped with mobile anti-theft features like remote data wipe or lockout? Do they have application containerization? Do they offer total endpoint protection? Make sure to tick all these features.

Perform Application Management: MDM solutions should be able to provide layered protection. They should exercise control over not only the devices but the applications contained within them as well. They should cover features like blacklisting applications, inventorying applications and more which ensure network and web security.

Generate Comprehensive Reports: Probably the most important aspect of mobile device management and threat reports. Collecting various device activities within the network and presenting it through an interface which is easy to understand and use. Such business intelligence will make it easier for IT administrators to perform device management easily.

Easy Integration With Enterprise Systems: Another element to look for is the MDM tool’s integration capabilities. Because an MDM solution which can integrate easily with the enterprise can go a long way in improving its security and won’t take too much of your time which you can invest in becoming more productive.

All This And More Available With Comodo Mobile Device Management

Comodo Mobile Device Management, which is a part of Comodo ONE platform, and is available for free, comes equipped with all the features listed above and much more, which make it a competitive product in the industry. Its features can be broadly classified into 5 categories: device enrollment, security management, profile management, application and asset management. For more info, please visit: https://dm.comodo.com/

MDM Device Management

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