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Why Mobile Device Management is Important for Small Businesses

April 8, 2019 | By admin 
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The entry of large number of mobile technologies into the workplace through BYOD has helped employees to show high productivity. There is a definite rise in the business growth, as people work much faster with their familiar devices. BYOD allows employees of an organization to gain access to their corporate data, intranet, email, etc. As much BYOD offers a good amount of advantages such as increased productivity and employee satisfaction there are equal amount security risks.

Data is an asset for any organization and if it goes into the wrong hands, it can be exploited. With an alarming rate of incidents on data leakage, small businesses should enforce efficient data backup strategy along with good virus protection plans. Considering all the BYOD challenges, security experts have built the concept of Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Why mobile device management is required?

MDM is a kind of security software developed to equip IT admins to monitor, secure and manage the employees’ mobile devices used across a range of different mobile operating systems deployed through various service providers. MDM allows organizations to deliver protection of organization while the users enjoy their devices for personal use.

MDM features to

  • Create new user account on the device to encrypt and protect corporate data with passwords.
  • Limit the number and type of applications that can be installed on the mobile’s work account by creating a list of approved apps;
  • Wipe off the work-related data from the device when the employees quit the company or delete all the data completely, in case if the employee loses his personal devices

What is the purpose of mobile device management?

MDM software equips the IT managers with the capabilities to centrally control the devices connected in the enterprise network which includes device data, transmission of data, applications and web-based activities. It lets the employees to experience the efficiency and versatility of the mobile devices while the data is protected. This helps the
Four key components of MDM

  • Remote Management: When the device is lost of stolen, the remote management system can erase the data or lock the device from remote.
  • Device Security – It assures to protect devices from suspicious access to terminate malicious interruption. Most of MDM solutions offer built-in platform for messaging so users can exchange messages without any security risks.
  • Application Control – If a third-party app is infected with malware code, it can extract sensitive data from the other apps on the devices which compromises the business and customer data. It helps you to decide to give permission to use selective apps, while it also helps to blacklist or disable suspicious apps or apps that are not relevant to the users.
  • Reporting System – This entitles the IT admins with a real-time visibility of the organization’s mobile environment that includes compliance with security standards and policies, devices status, login attempts and user information.


  • It helps to set compliance rules and policies to enforce protection of from data loss
  • It gives a complete control on the enterprise’ mobile inventory equipped to check and track devices
  • Mitigates support cost for mobile users
  • Automates IT process work flows
  • It provides a complete mobile application management

Therefore, implementing MDM solution can automate tasks like updating software and reduce the burdened utilization of IT staff. This can also bring down the IT overhead costs. With the ever-evolving security landscape, providing the right measure of security is critical and MDM Solution comes handy. It certainly ensures that the mobile devices connected to the enterprise network remains safe. With an effective MDM solution, there is minimal configuration required from the IT as well.

MDM Device Management

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