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Top 5 Android Security Apps: The Best Antivirus Protection for Android

March 9, 2018 | By admin 
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Android Security Apps

A number of times you may wonder if your smartphone really requires antivirus apps. It is best if you install a security software on your phone since it has sensitive information. A lot depends on whether you sideload apps, however, it is not possible to deny that malware has now become a bigger concern. To meet this big concern there is indeed a great increase in the improvement of security apps and you now have a variety of these apps to choose from.

It is immensely necessary to have the best antivirus protection for Android installed on your device since Android is considered to be the most commonly used operating system in the whole world. Lets us now take a look at the top five Android security apps.
1. Comodo Free Android Antivirus
2. Avast Mobile Security
3. Sophos Mobile Security
4. AVL
5. Cheetah Mobile Security Master
Comodo Free Android Antivirus

Comodo’s free Android antivirus is available with a significant rate of detection of malicious mobile threats. Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) is capable of restricting calls that are unauthorized, preventing ransomware attack, and obstructing banking Trojans from stealing or accessing your Android device data. The Antivirus for Android solution from Comodo is the best antivirus protection available for smartphones. CMS has been designed for protecting your Android devices against potentially risky settings, unsafe apps, viruses and also from theft.

Key features of the Comodo Antivirus for Android are as follows:

  • Antivirus: Besides real-time virus protection, CMS also protects mobiles from harmful USSD attacks from malicious web pages and irritating push ads hosted by applications that you download from different sources.
  • Anti-theft: The anti-theft feature allows you to obtain the location of your device even if the card is changed. This feature also allows the device to take a photograph of the possessor, sound a loud alarm, lock it to prevent unauthorized access, and also remotely wipe it of all your classified data including any files stored in memory card.
  • SMS/Call Blocking: Immediately filter out annoying phone calls and SMS messages by configuring black/white contact lists. As an alternative, you can just block all text messages containing particular keywords.
  • Software Manager: With this feature, you will be able to view the installed apps, take a backup or even uninstall them. The Software Manager provides a complete list of apps on your device allowing you to choose whether to delete them or install them.
  • Backup: CMS allows taking a backup of vital data such as text messages and contact lists. It is also possible to back up your CMS configuration and the apps in your device. Backed up data can be restored immediately if the data in your device is lost.
  • Privacy Advisor: This feature tells you which apps are given the permission to access data such as your archived messages and contact lists and which apps can send text messages/make phone calls.
  • Task Scheduler: This feature allows automating the antivirus scanning process. You are given the privilege to run the scan on all days at a preset time or only on specific days. Schedules for ‘Leave Flight Mode’ and ‘Enter Flight Mode’ can also be selected.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security offers an impressive range of tools. Besides providing antivirus protection, it also scans your apps in order to provide details on what they are doing. A web shield scans URLs for malware.

Additional tools in the package include an app locker to PIN protect private apps, a call blocker for blacklisting problem numbers, and Wi-Fi scanning options for improved speed and security. Unfortunately, the anti-theft and app locking features need you to subscribe to the “Pro” version, which is also capable of removing ads and giving you direct support access from the app.

This Android security app’s free version protects your device from malware, provides a wide range of features, and offers additional protection for rooted devices, making it a powerful contender. If your main concern is safe browsing and malware, then this could be the ideal app for you.

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security offers scanning by covering storage media, existing apps, and installation. Additional features include loss and theft protection along with support for features like locate, alarm, lock, wipe, and more through SMS. Some of the tools available include password protection for apps, web filtering, privacy and security advice, and spam blocking. Though not the most attractive app on the list, it’s performance is noteworthy with minimal impact on your phone with regards to battery life, networking, and processing.


This security app is perfect for malware protection but does not have features like identity protection, anti-theft tools, and several other extra features that are in fact available in several security apps. It is capable of scanning a wide range of file formats beyond APKs and it has been designed for efficient and fast working.

Cheetah Mobile Security Master

This is a comprehensive security app whose antivirus protection feature is capable of scanning for spyware and malware, but there is also an inbuilt VPN protection for safeguarding your messaging, browsing, and online shopping and banking. Android VPN apps are very important if you want to stay safe and maintain your privacy online. This security app has extra features like notification clean up, app lock and intruder selfies to mention a few. It is suitable for those wanting a comprehensive security solution. This app has a wide appeal since its interface is designed to be accessible and simple. You will have to think twice before going in for this security app because of the advertising and also due to the aspect that privacy concerns about this app were raised by many in the past. Despite being a great app with a VPN service, it is always better if you read up the privacy policy prior to downloading it.Mobile Device Management

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