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Top 10 things to consider when choosing an MDM solution

July 10, 2018 | By admin 
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MDM Solutions

The term Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM Solution) refers to the management of mobile devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Usually, an MDM solution aids in taking care of the administration, reporting, and security of the devices connecting on a particular corporate network.

The main objective of organizations to incorporate MDM solutions in their IT environment is to enable everyone to access corporate details from any part of the world round the clock. This helps in increasing productivity, protecting data, and overall profits.

Today, be it an IT company or a client supported consultant everybody is focused on implementing this critical security solution, which is a fundamental part of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative.

This article here discusses the top ten considerations of MDM Solutions, go through it one by one to better understand:

Setting the expectations right – Corporate vs. Mobile

It is important to understand the corporate expectations for the BYOD initiative against the mobile user community reality. Once you are through with the idea of what needs to be done, you can decide on the technical requirements. Make sure that the MDM solutions that you shortlist for your organization supports the corporate expectations of the BYOD initiative.

Since everyone uses a smartphone today, understanding the fundamentals wouldn’t be a major problem, however, misconceptions may arise about the ownership of corporate data. The same is applicable in the case of an employee who may be a little skeptic about an employer’s security software running on their personal device.

Analyzing some of the key details would bring to the light of the requirements. It is vital to understand the role of enterprise mobile security, advantages, MDM solutions policies, reporting, and implementation in the organisation.

Test Phase

In order to better understand the merits and demerits of an MDM Solution, select the one which offers a trial period. With this, you can run things on a test phase to determine if the MDM Solution best-fits your BYOD initiative. Run it on some pilot participants’ mobile devices, personal laptops and PCs before you zero-in on the MDM Solution.

Device Support

The world today is filled with numerous phones, tablet, and PC operating systems manufactured by different companies. It is noteworthy to consider the device support as it is one of the best ways to get started on your BYOD initiative. Logically, most of us are under the impression that the hardware platform and operating system are free-for-all.

Security Management

Security Management here directly refers to device security which includes authentication, passwords, and encryption. The easy way to begin an investigation for the right MDM solution is following the in-place security standards.

Inventory Management

Inventory management helps in viewing the mobile apps which are in use on a corporate network. It also helps in provisioning and supporting the mobile devices in the network.

Service Management

The service management features supported up by a written policy on compensations, offer corporate management and end users and with the tools for budgeting and auditing these expenses to users with BYOD devices.

Software Distribution

Whenever there is a patch or new version of a software is released, the MDM Solution has to aid in distributing the same within the network. While this benefits crucially by saving from a lot of software related troubles and hiccups, it is for you to keenly look for those details in the management and reporting features under software distribution.

Policy Management

The policy management helps govern the level of access for BYOD devices. In other words, this will give a clear picture of who is accessing what like the SharePoint team sites, financial applications, etc. Basically, this will help maintain and safeguard the corporate secrets that reside within your organization.

Hosted vs. On-site

MDM solutions versus implementing an MDM platform on-site. Decide on what fits your organization’s requirement, each of it has its own advantage and disadvantages to consider.


Reporting acts as the backbone of an organization’s performance and longevity. It is critical to the success and a new BYOD program must support and improve it overall. During the early stages of a BYOD initiative, there might be some overreaching in reporting, but you can always dial it back during the trial period.

Overall Thought

The software is not tailored for everyone solution. Everything that matters is understanding the core points of advantages and disadvantages for determining whether the MDM solution is the best fit for your organization or not.

Comodo offers Free Trial MDM solution that can match your appropriate level of management support to your BYOD initiative. The world’s most advanced mobile device management (MDM) platform lets you secure, manage, and monitor any corporate or employee-owned mobile device or desktop from a centralized console.Mobile Device Management

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