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What is Mobile Device Management?

July 26, 2018 | By admin 
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Mobile Device Manager

Mobile device management (MDM) is a security software that is used by IT companies for managing, monitoring and securing employees’ mobile devices that have been deployed across multiple mobile service providers and also across multiple mobile operating systems used in the organization. Very often, mobile device manager software is incorporated with extra security tools and services such as Mobile Application Management in order to develop a complete mobile device and security Enterprise Mobility Management solution.

Several mobile device management solutions provide organizations with end-to-end security. In other words, the mobile apps, data, and network used by the mobile device are managed by an organization’s IT department with just a single mobile device software product.

Some top MDM solutions integrate mobile security and expense management in one product. Based on the vendor and the particular features it supports, you can generally expect mobile device management software to possess all or just few of the following features:

  • Mobile policy management
  • Inventory management
  • Security management
  • Telecom service management
  • Management and support of mobile applications

What to Look for in an MDM Solution

Mobile Device Manager is so very essential because information on lost or stolen devices is not secure, which could indeed allow it to easily fall into the wrong hands. Devices without MDM have an increased exposure to malware and several other viruses that could compromise classified data. Once that confidential data gets compromised, a consequent increase can be seen in hacking incidents and data breach. These attacks will eventually impact a company’s reputation with consumers and several other business partners. Hence, you can look out for the following features in a reliable, efficient and best MDM solution:

  • Fully managed, 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Backup/restore functionality of corporate data
  • Logging/reporting for compliance purposes
  • Cloud-based, so updates are automatic and simple
  • Passwords, blacklists and other security policies enforcement
  • Jailbreaking and rooting alerts for users attempting to bypass restrictions
  • Remote disconnection or disabling of unauthorized applications and devices
  • Scalable, so new users and increasingly sophisticated devices can be effortlessly accommodated
  • Remote data wiping/passcode enforcement, to avoid unauthorized access to the phone
  • Geofencing, to restrict access to specific data and applications based on location

An MDM solution is considered to be the top MDM if is has the potential to control and protect the data and configuration settings for any mobile device in your network, whether it is a company-owned device or a personal device. It should also be noted that all businesses have their own data-management requirements, hence it is important for businesses to select a solution that is capable of meeting their individual requirements.

The Top MDM Solution and its Benefits

Comodo MDM, evolving from the global leader in SSL certificates and cybersecurity solutions, has already attained a reputation of its own. Let’s take a look at the benefits that any company can enjoy by employing Comodo’s mobile device manager program on workplace devices.

Comodo MDM:

  • Provides an organized and central view of all hardware- Microsoft Windows-recognized hardware- installed on a system.
  • Enables managing all hardware devices installed on a system.
  • Works as a centralized utility from which all the hardware on a system can be configured.
  • Helps change hardware configuration options, enable or disable hardware, manage drivers, and detect conflicts between hardware devices etc.
  • Prevents external entities from obtaining access to devices linked to a company network, thus greatly contributing towards securing data.
  • Helps IT department in troubleshooting by allowing the IT professionals to use the program to troubleshoot common problems as and when they occur instead of dealing with floods of separate problems in a simultaneous manner.
  • Manages and updates apps by enabling a company to insert into devices the apps that may help the company execute its business more effectively. Comodo MDM also helps in managing and updating these apps.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), a growing trend across the whole world, is itself recognized as something that brings about cost-cutting in companies, by allowing the use of employees’ personal devices for work instead of investing on buying devices and systems. However, securing such devices by investing in individual solutions for every single device was an expensive and difficult task. This is where Comodo MDM plays the efficient role of centralizing everything and cutting down on costs to a larger extent. Thus, Comodo mobile device manager is the best MDM as it helps in bringing all devices under the same umbrella.Mobile Device Management

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