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What is Mobile Device Management? | Business Hierarchy Solutions

March 11, 2019 | By admin 
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What is Mobile Device ManagementWhat is Mobile Device Management and what is its purpose

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a kind of security system developed to oversee, take control and deliver absolute security to mobile devices that are used across multiple mobile operating systems connected to the organization’s network, the data being used, the apps involved and the networks to which the devices are connected through a console in unison. It renders the following features in a wrap

  • Mobile Policy Management
  • Security Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Mobile app Management – Deployment, Updating and Removal
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Implement Remote activities

How many hierarchies can MDM support in a domain solution

Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables hierarchy management to support complex structures across various domains. MDM Solution delivers prompt stewardship controls, drag and drop user interface, enables versioning by generating new hierarchies, or add changes to already existing hierarchies, which is then instantly archived for the future references, it also assists in setting up the workflow to take control over events, state transitions, and workflow states and instant approvals. It also provides security policies to be enforced to decide as to which user can view and modify as per the requirements. There are a lot of free MDM options available that would help you understand about the product during the free trial version.

While BYOD is exhilaratingly supportive for businesses, it has privacy and security-centric concerns

IT departments are having a loss of control with Employee-owned devices (BYOD) as each device has different settings and requires a different set of configurations. MDM solutions help to enforce standards with settings and configurations across all the BYOD devices connected to the network.

MDM features remote-wipe functionality – which helps the administrator to wipe of the data in case the employee loses the device or incase of any device theft.

MDM solution also features to separate the personal data from business data which will help the user to fit the security policies and therefore allowing the admin to take control over your business data and not the personal data.

MDM provides data security, Network Access Control and authentication of devices

If you are deploying BYOD in your enterprise network, MDM works best to address all the challenges caused by BYOD.

MDM Device Management

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