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Mobile Device Management

March 19, 2019 | By admin 
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MDM for Android and iOS

BYOD is not just a trend, but it has become a reality – as companies find BYOD as the most cost effective and user-friendly strategy to ensure increased productivity as employees have access to their personal device from anywhere and at any time. Most of all, employees are very much familiar with their devices and they find them comfortable to navigate between the applications. The users also tend to keep their mobiles up-to-date with the latest updates therefore there is no investment and maintenance cost from the organization’s side.

Though BYOD stands a future-proof strategy, organizations should meet the ever-evolving guidelines of end-user privacy and corporate security. Mobile Device Management is a type of security software that is used to take control and manage the employee’s devices with various mobile operating systems that are connected to the corporate network.

Mobile Device Management for IOS and Android

MDM ensures to protect sensitive organization data across all the devices connected to the network. At this day and age of BYOD trend, where work can be done from your personal devices, MDM stands the best solution to render assured security to protect both sensitive personal data and confidential work information as well. It also enables to balance work-related information and personal information from getting overlapped.

It also ensures to provide control over devices across various OSes like Android and iOS. This way it ensures to keep up the employees’ ever-changing demands. It keeps a track of the movement of data that is performed by the user. It enforces strong security policies to implement strict security policies to protect confidential business data on any mobile device all the time.

  • MDM offers to take care instant patch updates
  • Renders complete monitoring services from remote
  • Password Management
  • Ensures remote configuration
  • Enforce strict security policies
  • Offers data-wiping from remote
  • Enables geofencing which restricts access to kind of data from a specific location.
  • Tracking to check if the devices are compliant.

Employing Mobile Device Management Android and iOS

Adopting a Mobile Device Management along with Antivirus for Android benefits both the employees and the organization they work for.

Employees find BYOD convenient to use their personally owned devices and they take care of the costs to upgrade and maintain their devices while the organization can invest their manpower in setting up business-related strategies.

With BYOD having the following benefits, organizations are accountable to employ an effecting Mobile Device Management Solution

  • Satisfied employees
  • No or less cost investment on devices
  • There is no bigger demand for bigger office space and infrastructure as employees are given the freedom to work off-site with their personal gadgets at a convenient time.

Following are the benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • MDM enables organizations to implement a responsible BYOD strategy where employees can work with their personal devices with reduced or no risk to the organisation.
  • It enables the organization to manage and control the BYOD connected to the network from remote.
  • MDM can separate the business information from the personal information. It encrypts the business-related information and in case of lost or stolen device, the business data can be removed from remote without harming the user’s personal data.
  • Using MDM software offers application control. This helps to monitor application for licenses to check if the installed software is compliant.

MDM Device Management

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