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Importance of Mobile Device Management (MDM)

February 8, 2019 | By admin 
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Importance of Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management also known as MDM has become an important component in any organization in the recent past. With mobile and portable devices taking the upper hand in workplaces, there is a pressure on the IT department to keep the data and the inventory safe and secure while they manage all the mobile devices connected to the network. To stay balanced with the evolution of smartphones and tablets, the need for MDM evolved as most of the latest security breaches are through Mobile devices. With the convenience of using mobile devices to stay connected to the corporate network and with the evolution of BYOD technology, Cybercriminals have turned their attention to target and attack mobile devices. It is considered a treasure trove of sensitive and confidential business data – As most of the users fail to deploy preventive and security methods to stay protected from the cyber-attacks.

Features of MDM Software

The prime feature of MDM software is to automate the process of securing, updating and managing multiple devices connected to a corporate network. The integration of user-owned or enterprise-owned mobile devices through automation makes remote access much easier to protect, update and control multiple devices.

MDM software offers organizations with additional security with future-proof scanning and filtering components. It also keeps a record of a range of software licenses and overseas which user is using which license. This ensures that the organization does not spend more on software licenses without the actual need. It also ensures that the employees do not download vulnerable unlicensed software to both user-owned devices and enterprise-owned devices.

Also, if the employees lose their device which holds most of the company-related sensitive information, it becomes challenging for the IT experts to recover their lost data.  It also a raises a concern to make decisions on factory reset as the device is a user-owned and there would be other sensitive and personal information which would also get wiped when a factory reset is done. MDM also offers some advanced versions of remote delete options that can delete only the business-related data without disturbing the personal data. The IT-department benefits a lot from MDM software. It does all the mundane and time-consuming work like regular software updates, so the IT experts can attend to more complex tasks. It can reduce the manpower to complete the task and therefore save a lot of money.

The Importance of MDM Solutions

With the elevated usage and growth of mobile devices, organizations have started implementing BYOD technology by allowing employees to use their personal devices to get connected.  to the business network – can bring a lot of unwelcomed impacts for businesses. There is a high amount of security risks involved as volumes of sensitive business data are exposed to risk. Therefore, an effective MDM solution is vital and critical to ensuring consistent and increased levels of security for any business that is integrated with mobile devices.

One of the best in the Industry is Comodo Mobile Device Management – It enables the IT admins with the right set of features to protect and take control of large-scale deployments of both user-owned and corporate-owned devices. It offers a console for the IT admins to enrol, configure and enforce enterprise-related BYOD policies through automation to user-owned devices.


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