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Android Mobile Manager – Definition

October 30, 2018 | By admin 
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Android Mobile Manager

Android Mobile Manager is a safety feature that assists a mobile user to easily locate, and if needed, remotely lock or wipe their Android device. The security feature comes in handy to the user when the device is misplaced or gets stolen. Android Mobile Manager helps in protecting the data in your Android device. The security features can be accessed by connecting the device to the user Google account.

What can you do with Android Mobile Manager?

Basically, this security feature helps in locating the lost or stolen device. Here are some of the things that you can actually do:

Find The Device

Install the Android Mobile Manager on your smartphone and connect it to the Google account, from then on it easy to track your device by signing in from any computer, smartphone or tab. The device owner will be able to view it on a map and know the current location of the device.

On the other hand, users can have multiple devices added to the Android Mobile Manager, and it is easy to find them in a drop-down list view.

Lock or Ring Your Device Using The Internet

The owner of the device can easily choose to lock the device to protect the data inside when the device is lost or stolen. The lock feature enables the user to set or change a PIN or password. Once it is done, a message will be shown on the locked screen to help the person who gets to see the device to contact the owner.

The ring feature will commence the phone to ring loudly even if the ringer is turned down. For the next five minutes, the phone will ring at full volume. This will help you to locate the phone when it is in the close range.

The user can make use of the Android Mobile Manager website from any computer or by signing in as a guest on the Android Mobile Manager app.in from a friend’s Android device.

Completely Wipe The Data On Your Device

When it is apparent that the phone cannot be retrieved, you can choose to wipe the data on your device using the Android Device Manager. This feature is similar to that of Lock or Ring option and it is easy to go about doing it. Once your smartphone is wiped, it will restore the factory settings. You will never be able to connect using the Android Device Manager. This feature serves even when the power is off.

The Android Device Manager

There is nothing geeky about the Android Device Manager. It is simple and easy to install and use the Android Device Manager. After the installation is complete, connect it to the Google mail and use it to locate and control your Android device. The Android Device Manager can be quickly found on the Google Play app and then download to install it, like any other app.

How to Enable Android Device Manager Security?

It is easy to use the Android Device Manager. Here are a few fundamental things that you need to follow after downloading and installing the app:

  • Firstly connect your Google account to Android Device Manager.
  • Turn on the Location.
  • Facilitate the remote data wipe feature.
  • Use your Google account to log in to the Android Device Manager website
  • After logging in, the dashboard pop up that will show where your device is, with the other options.
  • The device location can be found by looking at the map that appears automatically.
  • The user will also be able to view the battery level.
  • Ring your device continuously at the highest volume for 5 minutes.
  • Lock your Android device remotely.

Introduction to Comodo Mobile Manager

Comodo Mobile Manager for Android along with Android Antivirus enables you to manage, audit, secure, and monitor your Android devices. Now easily trace, secure or wipe sensual data when the device is lost or stolen.

Mobile Device Management

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