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How Does Mobile Device Management Work On iOS?

February 7, 2019 | By admin 
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ios mobile device management

If you own an iPhone, Mac, iPad, or an Apple TV –MDM – Mobile Device Management tool should be a main-stay to meet the demands of mobile IT’s need for providing security policies and procedures to secure apps, across the smart devices that are connected across the multiple OS platforms in an enterprise.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS?

Mobile device management (MDM) software for iOS entitles the IT admins to manage, protect and implement policies on iOS-based devices like tablets, smartphones, and other endpoints. The objective of MDM for iOS is the optimization of the functions and capabilities of the mobile devices connected to the enterprise network. The MDM works well to deliver protection to the corporate network as well.

How does MDM for iOS work?

As we embrace the new trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own devices) most of the employees find it convenient to use their personal devices which has the most recent technologies in them. Most of the personal devices are iOS and the users use it for archiving business data, to corporate emails and internal reports. Therefore, there is an overlap of personal and corporate data. MDM assures the security of corporate data simultaneously assuring the privacy of the employees.

It also provides the following

  • Oversees free and paid apps that are installed in the iOS-based devices.
  • Instantly Identifies loss of devices and implement data wipe or device lock from a remote.
  • Boosts and Supports productivity
  • Offers Centralized Management
  • Provide a backup plan in case of device loss or device theft
  • Offers location-based policies

What do you need to know about iPad MDM?

As Apple’s iPad has become a key tool in today’s business, therefore MDM (Mobile Device Management) is the key component as it has the capabilities to ensure data integrity, configuration management, security and compliance. MDM’s main objective is to mitigate threats, expenses that are related to operation and support costs. This ensures that the MDM solution improves the possibilities of information consumption, process management and provides instant access to web and applications related to the enterprise.

Apple has also given proven enhancement to iPad MDM functionalities for every new release of iOS device. Apple has therefore shown consistent improvements to iPad capabilities with each new release of iOS and focuses on easy to use, support for user-owned devices and enterprise-owned devices.

Apple’s Profile Manager is OS X Server-related application that controls both Mac and iOS devices. It manages the network bandwidth, and cellular network usage and maintaining app licenses, implements policies, and centralized configuration and provides VPN connection. It empowers the user with self-service options with critical app features like managing passwords and device locking and wiping of data from remote. Micro-level management of the company’s assets and support for physical and cloud deployment of iOS MDM.

MDM for iOS

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