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What metrics should you consider while choosing MDM & BYOD Solutions?

March 10, 2016 | By admin 
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It can be a challenge as a business owner to keep on top of all the latest in technology and security, especially as employees now use their own devices as part of that technology. Many companies have already developed policies for employees to use their own devices to stay in contact with the business and with customers.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Unfortunately, too many companies find out too late that BYOD policies are only part of the solution. In fact, having a top mobile device management (MDM) platform in place to proactively address security and to monitor all of those devices is essential.

To make things even more demanding, it is essential for a business to choose the MDM software that offers the features the business required. Most will offer the basics, and that may be all that is needed. However, with regards to mobility the basics are just the beginning for the majority of companies and businesses.

Multi-device Applications

It is important for a business to consider the types of devices and operating systems that will be used by employees to transmit and receive company email, data and office applications.

Keep in mind there are literally hundreds of operating systems, versions and builds of these systems in use today across Apple, Android and Windows devices. Having a mobile device management system that can be used with all these devices and allow them to be registered and managed is critical. This includes being able to work with desktop operating systems, something which is not offered in many of the basic MDM systems.

Browser Security and Encryption

Some MDM systems allow for filtering on the mobile browsers used on any device. This is essential in limiting the risk of any type of hacking or attack. In the same way, encryption can be implemented by the MDM software that may be specific to files or folders on the device or may encrypt the complete device.

Ease of Use for Employees

Having a system that is easy to provide information to employees to implement on their new devices is critical. This not only saves considerable time for your IT staff when the new iPhone comes out, but it also promotes the use of MDM without employee workarounds or failure to follow policy because of challenging installation or registration.


There are very specific options or features with some MDM software systems to restrict the use of specific apps or access to data on a personal device during specific times. This is highly effective in limiting an employee to only accessing company information during company hours, making monitoring much easier.

Additionally, it is critical for any mobile device management software selected to be easy to use for administration. Being able to access all devices on the system from a simple dashboard and having notices of attempted breaches or out of compliance devices on the system makes these systems well worth the investment.Choose MDM & BYOD


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