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Light The BYOD Cannon Without Going on a War

April 25, 2017 | By admin 
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The build-out of using mobile devices to connect to the corporate network raises security concerns amidst any organization. With BYOD taking work-life balance to the next level, its been a best solution to set aside the limitations by enterprise network with the mobile devices. Cyber criminals find sophisticated means to exploit every possible virtual space to gain monetary benefits through unauthorised data access. BYOD devices are are crucial victims which are directly under the radar of the bad guys to sneak into the network through any UN-authorized apps of the user’s personal devices.

There is nothing too complex to restrict employees using corporate owned devices from accessing confidential information by limiting file sharing and limit usage as well. However, when employees are connected to the corporate network with their personal devices, organization stay out of control in managing the corporate network not knowing what data is accessed.

BYOD Cannon

IT administrators are liable for data security measures by implementing BYOD policies and norms for the employees who access corporate data through their personal devices. Users are equally responsible to abide by the norms and stay updated on the security measures updated by the IT administrators to avoid data loss and hence the consequential loss in business.

IT administrators must be responsible with the following

  • Effectively take control of the personally-owned devices by setting parameters in accessing the company material and data.
  • Setting up measures to defy unauthorized access over the corporate data.
  • Take control of unintentional data access that happens through automatic syncing of social media and file sharing apps like Drop box, whatsapp, etc from the employees personally owned devices.

It looks more economical for employees to use their own devices or get connected to the organization network with a corporate add-on equipment on their mobiles, however managing the huge corporate ecosystem remains complex. With umpteen number of platforms incorporated over a single network, it becomes more complicated to take control of the devices. Considering all the complex factors, the IT admin has to instil all the security measures into application planning.

  • IT Policy can be best to take its form when it matches the technology receptor considering the laws as well.
  • Clear communication on which business data is sensitive to access to the users with BYOD.
  • Ensure that the sensitive information is accessed by through a secure virtual platform
  • Ensure regular audit of business data
  • Ensure that the policy is laden with IT support, which lets the IT admin to get solves issues in case of data loss.


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