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How does BYOD facilitate Business?

March 11, 2019 | By admin 
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Byod Facilitate Business

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) lets employers bring their personal gadgets and stay connected with the corporate network for work purposes. It can be a Laptop, Mobile phone or a tablet. With the increase in demand, organizations have developed different acronyms like CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and Bring Your Own Application (BYOA). The use of mobile phones has been on a significant rise and so the importance of such BYOD practices has towered up across all industries.

Following are some of the benefits of using BYOD in an enterprise environment

Saves a lot of money

With BYOD in place, businesses save a lot of money, as they do not have to invest in devices for every employee, while they benefit out of the employee-owned personal device.

High Levels of Productivity

Each employee is specific about a choice of their personal devices – some have iOS, some prefer Android OS as it is cost-friendly while some would even prefer Windows Mobile OS. No matter what the operating system is, users find it more comfortable to use their own devices as they are more used to the features and options of their personal devices which therefore helps them produce good quality work.

Enhanced Responsiveness by the Employees

With BYOD in place, Employees are given the freedom to use their own device that they are more familiar with.  They can be connected to the corporate network during any hours of the day, from anywhere and anytime – by this way the employee is connected to the corporate network when there is a need therefore there is a definite increase in the employee responsiveness.


Adapting BYOD as a part of the work culture would render the employees the required flexibility and which in returns gives job satisfaction to the users. This therefore improves the morale value of the employees and gives a good work-life balance.

As much as BYOD comes with a horde of benefits it also raises few other technology hassles and security related concerns. Setting up an effective BYOD policy by embracing the acceptable use, security and reimbursement policies to make the most of the BYOD practices. Also implement the effective use of MDM (Mobile Device Management) Solution that offers a comprehensive solution to manage and take control of employees-owned mobile devices that implemented across various mobile operating systems that are being connected to the organization network.

Which of the following are important components of BYOD policy?

A Bring Your Own Device Policy is certainly a combination of rules that should be followed by employees/users of an organization who connect their personal devices to the enterprise network.

Following are the factors to consider

  • If personal devices are mandatory to be used in a work environment
  • Check if all the employees or only a specific set of employees work on their personal devices.
  • Check if the devices are legitimate and not pirated ones (rooted devices and jail broken). It is better to get approved by the IT department before the device is connected to the network.
  • Employees should follow security rules while their personal devices are connected to the corporate network.

BYOD Policy



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