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How BYOD Can Help Startups

April 18, 2016 | By admin 
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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a rather new concept and is trending, especially in the startup space. It has its own pluses, especially in a startup atmosphere. Many startup companies are encouraging and promoting BYOD these days whereas it has become an accepted norm even in reputed prominent companies all the world over.

Though the term BYOD was used first in 2009, it is after 2011 that the trend has got popular. Now with smartphones and tablets pervading our day to day lives, BYOD is widely accepted by many companies. They have started acknowledging BYOD as something that boosts productivity and saves expenses as well.

Here’s a look at how and why BYOD is very advantageous for startups.

1. Usage of fixed assets can be reduced-  BYOD has its own advantages in a startup. It could help cut down costs incurred in having fixed assets like PCs and laptops. With employees bringing in their own devices, a startup company can cut down on investing in too many fixed assets, which of course depreciate over time.



2. Increases flexibility for employees- Encouraging BYOD makes it all more flexible for employees. They can work from anywhere, even from home and also on the move. This contributes a lot to ensuring employees job-satisfaction and increasing their morale. This is important for any startup.

3. Helps with productivity- BYOD would no doubt help as regards productivity. Employees are likely to be more comfortable starting to work with their own devices. Since they are expert users of their own devices, navigating the device is quite easy for them and that helps a lot. They can cut down on the time needed to settle down and the hassles of switching machines too are reduced. Moreover they remain connected to their work at all times, even when they are at home. All this helps productivity in a positive manner.

4. Could help startups get more customer friendly- Startup companies need the consistent support of their customers and also need to expand their customer base. Encouraging BYOD could prove helpful as regarding this. Email queries and calls from customers can be redressed faster if employees are working from their own devices. They would get the calls and queries even when they are on the move and thus, it would work out well for the company and its products.

5. Could help attract new hires- Encouraging BYOD could help a startup attract new hires. Many job seekers today prefer companies that support and encourage BYOD and such flexible work culture. Companies that encourage BYOD are now seen by job seekers as attractive employers.

Of course there are certain things that have to be taken care of while going for BYOD. The most important of all to be kept in mind is the security aspect. In this age of online security threats and malware attacks, it’s always advisable for startups to take all measures to combat and mitigate security risks. Streamlining the whole work also is a main thing. With these and other such aspects being handled effectively, BYOD would be 100% helpful for all startup endeavors.


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