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More Companies Now Ask Employees to Use Their Smartphone at Work

November 22, 2016 | By admin 
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Employee Smartphone MDM

With BYOD getting popular all over, more and more companies now encourage employees to use their personal devices for work and work-related purposes. As per a recent survey report, nearly 87% of employers have now started depending on employees’ usage of personal smartphones to access business apps. It’s expected that the use of personal smartphone at work would increase considerably in the next one year. This kind of a BYOD growth would definitely do good to businesses worldwide, but at the same time, we have to give due emphasis to certain things that relate to BYOD and are really important. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.

Do away with outdated legacy systems
Using outdated legacy systems could prove to be a major impediment to the implementation of BYOD strategies. It often leads to compatibility issues and leads to loss of time and money.

Focus on security threats to apps
As regards the security threats that BYOD devices are vulnerable to, we should understand that it’s not hardware and devices that pose the security threat. It’s really the apps that host corporate data that pose and face the real security threat. Hackers are after these apps and hence an ideal BYOD strategy should focus on securing these apps and the data therein.

Have a BYOD policy involving cross-functional teams
Having a BYOD policy that involves cross-functional teams is always good. It thus ensures that all the BYOD-related requirements, of each employee, is met and also makes sure that the strategies are worked out in the most up-to-date manner.

Offer BYOD reimbursement
82 percent employees, as per a recent survey report, are in favor of BYOD reimbursement. 57 percent felt that getting the reimbursement has saved them much money and has above all contributed to enhanced productivity. Another side of this is that if BYOD reimbursement is not there, employees would even be concerned about exceeding their data limits and hence would stop to check emails etc only when they have a Wi-Fi connection.

Go for a strategy that suits BYOD
When it’s BYOD, always go for a strategy that suits BYOD and mobile. Keep in mind that the BYOD plan needs to be much flexible so that it would avoid issues with legacy systems and helps adapt to new technologies.BYOD Policy


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