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How BYOD Strategy Could Bring Good Fortune and Success to Your Business

February 6, 2017 | By admin 
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This could rightly be called the ‘personal device era’ in business. Employees are using their personal devices at the office or remotely to carry out work-related activities. Businesses are trying to make the most of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend and employees are more than happy using their personal devices for work. There are some benefits that BYOD as a trend bestows on companies encouraging it. These benefits include-

  • It helps companies boost productivity.
  • It ensures better employee satisfaction by giving them more freedom and adaptability.
  • It helps companies cut down costs; they can save on the budget allocated for buying hardware.
  • It helps companies stay up-to-date as regards evolving technology.
  • It gives more mobility to employees and gives them a better chance to balance their personal and professional lives.

At the same time, it’s to be noted that BYOD has some pressing concerns related to it, its share of issues that need to be taken note of and addressed. These issues mostly relate to security and have to be tackled with all seriousness and care.

BYOD Strategy

The major concerns

There are some very important security concerns that BYOD poses to companies. Let’s take a look at some of the basic issues pertaining to BYOD-

  • Security could be at high risk if some hacker manages to gain entry into a corporate network through unsecured BYOD devices.
  • BYOD devices could pose a serious threat to corporate data as well as sensitive personal data of customers. Malware that sneaks in through some unsecured device can lead to theft of data.
  • Unauthorized access to company network and corporate data could lead to all kinds of security issues.
  • A stolen device or a device that’s lost could mean a serious potential threat to any company and its security.
  • Apps that employees download and use on their personal devices could cause security issues, especially when these devices are connected to the enterprise network.
  • Employees using their personal devices (the BYOD devices) to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi without proper security protocols being there in place could cause serious issues.
  • There are also chances of employees’ personal data being affected or lost when companies wipe data on BYOD devices.

What’s to be done?

That BYOD poses some very serious security risks is, of course, notable. But this doesn’t mean that companies need not opt for this trend, which is getting real popular and which can very well be used to promote all kinds of businesses in unprecedented ways. Entrepreneurs who want to make the most of the Bring Your Own Device trend have to take certain steps to minimize security threats and issues. Here’s a look at things that need to be done in this regard-

  • Having the right kind of strategies for managing and using mobile devices is much important.
  • Companies need to secure devices, apps etc by going for a good MDM solution.
  • End-user security and administrative security has to be complemented with extensive network safety strategies.
  • A proper, well-defined BYOD policy has to be at the base of it all.
  • Companies need to ensure that personal devices used for work are registered with the IT department and are protected with passwords or PINs.
    Companies need to ensure device-level encryption.
  • Educating and training employees on BYOD security is of prime importance.
  • Every company should do a detailed and comprehensive of its risk profile, which includes analyzing information/data handled by the company, understanding potential targets for a cyber attack etc.
  • Having the necessary security software installed in the BYOD devices and in the enterprise network is also of utmost importance.



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