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BYOD: Why Its So Relevant Today

July 13, 2016 | By admin 
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BYOD (Bringing Your Own Device) might not be a very new trend, but in today’s context, it has gained much popularity and relevance. BYOD is adding a new dimension to workplace communication and is definitely doing good to businesses and organizations. with smartphones, tablets etc becoming an integral part of our day-to-day existence, BYOD is getting encouraged by companies that want to make the most of this trend.

Well, what makes BYOD so popular and relevant? What are the benefits of BYOD as an emerging trend? Let’s take a look…

BYOD Contribution

BYOD – The Benefits

  • BYOD, as per IT Managers and employees, contributes greatly towards enhancing productivity.
  • BYOD also contributes towards overall employee satisfaction.
  • Cost-cutting also happens since it brings about a decrease in operational expenditure and expenditure related to the installation of hardware.
  • It helps people within an organization stay in the loop even when they are not in the office or are on the move. The field guys and members of the salesforce can remain connected to the office and among themselves too.
  • BYOD also helps works ensure a good work/life balance.
  • BYOD ultimately leads to better customer service and better business growth too.

BYOD – The Other Side

The other side of the picture is that BYOD, the emerging trend, comes with its share of risks too. With too many devices being connected to the network of an enterprise, security is likely to be compromised to a great extent. At the same time, lack of proper BYOD policies could also result in loss of personal data for employees if employers resort to wiping all data on BYOD devices when employees quit organizations.

So, to make the most of the BYOD trend, certain things are to be followed. These include…

Protection of Data – Hacking and data leaks are now very common. In this context, it’s extremely important to protect data, personal as well as business-related. On the one hand, a breach on the network becomes comparatively easier if proper endpoint protection strategies are not in place. On the other hand, there are chances of employees’ personal data getting lost since personal devices too are connected to enterprise network. Thus it becomes absolutely necessary for data protection strategies to be worked out in an effective manner.

Training of Employees – Companies should pay attention to training employees who use personal devices to connect to the organizational network for work. The employees are to be enlightened about the risks involved, the proper use of mobile devices etc.

Mobile Device ManagementMDM software helps manage and organize mobile devices in the most effective of manners. This would ensure maximum exploitation of BYOD for boosting business and enhancing productivity for the enterprise.

Controlling App installations – There should be proper control as regards the installation and usage of external apps, which pose a grave threat to the security of the mobile devices as well as to enterprise security. It’s always advisable to ask employees not to go for external apps.

A judicious and well-planned usage of BYOD could always prove beneficial for any organization and is also of much benefit to employees.

BYOD is needed now


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