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BYOD | Pivotal Factor for Any Organization Today

May 25, 2017 | By admin 
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Many organizations have embraced BYOD and the adoption rate has gone up by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Research shows that much of the growth in the BYOD market will happen in 2020, and by 2022 it is expected to be valued at $366.95 billion. As of now, US is the largest market for BYOD policies and Asia Pacific is likely to catch up with 20 percent over the time. Healthcare and finance industry are more likely to implement BYOD policy.

BYOD For Organization


Reality of BYOD

It’s high time that organizations start paying attention to BYOD and its importance, because those who fail to adopt BYOD are likely to lag behind. If you are still having a second thought, here are four reasons that would tell you that BYOD is something that you shouldn’t miss out on…

As the demand for wireless network continues, organizations are being faced with pressure to include BYOD in their system. If you don’t execute a BYOD program, then you are missing out on the following benefits…


Saving money is one of the major advantages of BYOD. In the US organizations save as much as $350 per worker every year when the staff brings personal gadgets. Companies need not have to maintain or pay for insurance or update software, or install antivirus software. This is particularly true for independent companies that can do without providing devices and ask employees to bring their own. Device management can thus be handled with ease.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is another major benefit of implementing BYOD because it shows higher dexterity in business operations. In a BYOD situation, employees don’t need to carry gadgets or switch between professional and personal devices. Also, employees feel comfortable working on their personal devices, and that enhances their professional satisfaction. BYOD is an approach to empower and improve employee productivity.

Infrastructure Independence

Employees are at ease when they use their personal devices, because they are accustomed to it, and are unlikely to face any IT related issues. The company’s IT section can concentrate on larger issues, and not worry about systems. Organizations need not have to pay for the up-gradation or spend on software licenses.

Enhanced Productivity

Having complete know-how of the system and computer at their fingertips, employees no longer need to wait to get into the office to showcase their ability. They can do it anytime and from anywhere, and are more likely to go that extra mile to prove their worth.

BYOD might be the next big thing in business innovation. Yet the worries it raises for the IT administration is not new. However, an IT manager has enough time to figure out how to manage the security and asset administration challenges. An Increasing number of organizations have opened their work environment to BYOD. Bring Your Own Device is here to stay and one has to accept it as a part of the modern business process.



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