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2016 Summer Olympics and Enterprise Security

July 28, 2016 | By admin 
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A big event like the 2016 Summer Olympics, scheduled to happen in Brazil, being discussed in the light of enterprise security is but natural today. At a time when things like endpoint security, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MDM (Mobile Device Management) etc. are so highly relevant, it’s only natural for such a big event to be likely to make a great impact on enterprise security.

Well, sporting enthusiasts all the world over are eagerly awaiting the grand event, slated to take place in Rio de Janeiro this August. As regards the Summer Olympics, there are many things that the media has been highlighting and which concerns authorities and the government. These include issues related to basic sanitation and infrastructure on the one hand and things like the Zika virus on the other.  At the same time, website security too is a matter of concern while the political crisis plus the economic crisis that Brazil has been facing too are being discussed as serious issues.

Well, that’s one side of the picture; there’s another side that interests IT guys and internet security experts. That the sporting event itself plus many other things pertaining to the mega event would come streaming through the internet is obvious. In this context, thinking of enterprise networks and the security of enterprise networks has its own relevance. Employees in many organizations worldwide would try their best to catch up with the developments at the Olympics from their offices itself. Would that prove a threat to enterprise security?

Enterprise Security

The answer definitely is in the affirmative. BYOD is now part of enterprise culture all the world over. Employees connect to the organizational network using their own devices. Companies may not be monitoring and controlling what employees watch or what websites they surf using their personal devices that are remotely connected to the enterprise network. There could be malware hits that may thus affect organizational networks via the many sports websites or videos that employees access. Watching sports events live on their mobile devices or even on laptops and PCs could affect overall productivity too.

So, here are certain things that enterprises should ponder on when such a big sporting event is all set to start-

  • How effective is the MDM strategy and what all should be done to make it more effective?
  • What are the company’s policies regarding personal use of office computers? Is there any filtering or any sort of control in place? Should any filtering or control be brought in?
  • If the company allows or promotes BYOD, what kind of MDM strategies have to be exercised during the sporting event?
  • Is there any system in place that could ensure that employees remain productivity despite watching sports videos etc.?
  • Is there a need for limiting bandwidth so as to control video watching and live streaming?
  • What is the company’s policy as regards employees personal devices, like tablets or smartphones?

So just ponder on these and such other things and then, if possible, gear up to watch the 2016 Summer Olympics with the whole team at office, without letting it affect enterprise security or productivity in any way.


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