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What is Android Device Manager?

April 27, 2018 | By admin 
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What is Android Device Manager

With more and more users preferring to go for Android devices, the Android device usage is expanding on an unprecedented note. Usually, an Android device is linked to a Google account and previously, devices with Android OS rolled out packing consumer usage features but it is not the same case in the recent ones. After many OS iterations, they are coming geared with a lot of enterprise features. This is mainly due to the growing number of users who opt to complete their official tasks from their personal devices.

On the other hand, Android device management is no more a cumbersome task. The security feature enables users running version 2.2 and above to locate their mobile devices if it is lost or stolen. In a few cases, when the user is unable to get back the device, he/she may perform actions remotely to lock the device or wipe/erase all data from the device for security reasons. Besides this, administrators can also audit, monitor, manage, and secure enterprise data on those devices.

The number of users who opt to complete their official tasks from their personal devices is growing rapidly. Learn What is an Android Device Manager?

Since the advent of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work in the corporate world, system administrators have become more cautious about security threats and prevention of data loss. With more number of Android devices in the market produced by multiple manufacturers, it makes sense to have an Android device manager in place to control and manage a lot of things in the system.

Android Business Apps

The top five business apps are GDocs and Documents to Go, PrinterShare Mobile Print, LogMeIn Ignition, AK Notepad and Quotes, and Invoices Manager. These apps provide the comfort of editing and printing documents through Google Cloud Print, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other remote printing services. Besides this, other business tools help remotely access PCs, take notes and more.

Android Mobile Application Management

Android Mobile Application Management can help overcome Android app security risks, however the effort it can exert is relatively limited. An admin can regulate device access in their corporate network in alignment to their security guidelines. In other words, an admin will be able to control app distribution on registered usage and regulate app usage by employees based on roles and other parameters. Device access control should be easily managed by authorizing specific users to access Wi-Fi.

Android Device Management Features

Android device management features have been improved in the latest versions of the Android OS. This development after many iterations can change the overall perception of smart devices replacing traditional systems at workplaces. Some of the notable releases were Rocky Android management roots (APIs), Honeycomb (Android management for tablets) and Ice Cream Sandwich which brought unity among all Android-based smart devices.

Today, Android management products or services can be used to authorize Android smartphones and tablets, enforce API-defined policies and device restrictions, configure native VPN and Wi-Fi connections, monitor device status and attributes, and also request a password reset, device lock, device finds, data wipe.


Android Tablet Security

Android tablet security apps can combat security threats effectively. It is not advisable to go by relying on inbuilt features of a device, the importance of boosting device security is for protecting the data on the device. Comodo offers remote management capabilities, security scan features and you can easily start safeguarding your device from all kinds of malware threats today.

Google Bouncer

Google’s ‘Bouncer’ is good at scanning the Android market for malware/spyware however, it is slightly sluggish on the app security front. Newly released apps are scanned using Bouncer for malicious codes and other spyware. Whenever a new type is identified, Google rescans all the apps in circulation. It is important to be aware of the situation about Andriod app security because users can download apps that act as Android Trojan Horses.

Android Malware Protection Program

It is important to have an Android Malware Protection Program in place because the OS wouldn’t block any app activity after installation. Since many of the app origins are unknown, the malicious intent also stays hidden. For example, DroidDream app with malware made its way into the Android world in the past. So, Android Malware Protection Program becomes a necessity.

If you are looking for the best free Android antivirus then Comodo’s Android antivirus is your best choice. The Android antivirus software will protect devices against unauthorized access/theft in addition to blocking the entry and interference of malicious files and apps. MDM Device Management

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