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Latest News About Device Management

Protection Vs privacy: the problem with mobile device management

We live in a time when the world’s most valuable commodity isn’t Gold or Silver but data – Information drives our modern society, it allows brands to target their advertisements in attaining prospering ROIs! Of late, Facebook has been in the limelight for all negative reason...


Android BYOD:How I Use the Android Work Profile to Separate Work from Personal

BYOD, Bring Your Device has been widely adopted in organizations, while the employees benefit the use of their own personal devices for work purposes, more at their convenience. Employees are allowed to bring their own devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops to their...


What is Android Device Manager?

With more and more users preferring to go for Android devices, the Android device usage is expanding on an unprecedented note. Usually, an Android device is linked to a Google account and previously, devices with Android OS rolled out packing consumer usage features but it i...


Top 5 Mobile Device Security Threats And Ways To Prevent Them

Mobile devices (smartphones) have become an integral part of our daily lives. The same is true for corporates as smartphones are ubiquitous in the corporate world nowadays. With the ever-increasing use of smartphones, mobile device security threats are multiplying every day,...


All about MDM

There has been a drastic transition with the use of mobile phones, for us to see. Be it for corporate use or for personal use, the usage has shifted dramatically. Organizations encourage its employees to bring their own devices to the workplace. BYOD (Bring your Own Device)...


How To Use Android Device Manager

Data such as banking info, personal photos, social media log-ins, and messages are stored in Smartphones and thus losing a phone is considered to be a frustrating and unpleasant experience. In such desperate situations, Smartphone users have two options: remotely erase all t...


Top 5 Android Security Apps: The Best Antivirus Protection for Android

A number of times you may wonder if your smartphone really requires antivirus apps. It is best if you install a security software on your phone since it has sensitive information. A lot depends on whether you sideload apps, however, it is not possible to deny that malware ha...


What is Mobile Security?

Mobile security is defined as the concept of protecting laptops, smartphones, tablets and a number of other portable computing devices, including the networks they connect to, from vulnerabilities and threats linked with wireless computing. In recent years, the need for secu...


How to Define and enforce a BYOD policy

A BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) era is setting the organization trends and this mandates a strict enforcement of policies to prevent security attacks from invading the BYOD devices connected to the organization’s network. Employees find it more privileged, in using mobi...


BYOD – Benefits, Risks and Insurance Coverage

BYOD has been a good source to improve employee’s performance, convenience, and satisfaction. Sources reveal that 74% of the organizations are either planning to implement in the near future or already implementing the BYOD trend for their employees. With BYOD in place...

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