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Latest News About Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile device management (MDM) is a security software that is used by IT companies for managing, monitoring and securing employees’ mobile devices that have been deployed across multiple mobile service providers and also across multiple mobile operating systems used in...


How to Unlock your Android Device or Phone Using Android Device Manager

While the services offered by Android Device Manager are beneficial and provide more control over your Android device once configured, many people would start thinking of how such solutions can help once it has been too late and we’ve already lost our android phone. Google e...


Top and Best MDM Software of 2018

MDM software (Mobile Device Management) is used by organizations to manage and protect the mobile devices of their employees (BYOD- Bring Your Own Device) from malware threats and cyber attacks. Managing mobile devices is a challenging task for organizations that employ wire...


Top 10 things to consider when choosing an MDM solution

The term Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM Solution) refers to the management of mobile devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Usually, an MDM solution aids in taking care of the administration, reporting, and security of the devices connecti...