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Latest News About Device Management

Mobile Device Protection Risk for Enterprise

BYOD – “Bring Your Own Device” is picking up the trend for employers to allow employees to get their job done from anywhere and anytime on-demand. BYOD works best in umpteen ways giving mutual benefits to both employers and employees – It boosts productivity, no investmest o...


Why have mobile device management?

Importance Of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile Device Management (MDM for short) is the technology used by enterprises for managing various mobile devices (like smartphone, tablets, laptops etc.,) brought into the corporate network by their respective employees. The dan...


BYOD Policy in 2018 and Its Importance

The widespread availability of mobile devices, along with faster internet and cloud computing has allowed employees to work from anywhere, especially with their own mobile devices (Bring your own device – BYOD). Faster or rather immediate communication has great benefi...