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Latest News About Device Management

The Evolution of Mobile Device demands an improvement of Mobile device Security

It all started with a handheld mobile phone from Motorola and then the Nokia’s phone that was known for it’s sturdiness which later brought in the inception of iphones. The evolution of these mobile phones assure the advancement in application and technology, mak...


4 Risks Mobile Devices Pose To Enterprises

BYOD – “Bring Your Own Device” is picking up the trend for employers to allow employees to get their job done from anywhere and anytime on-demand. BYOD works best in umpteen ways giving mutual benefits to both employers and employees – It boosts productivity, no investmest o...


Why have mobile device management?

Importance Of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile Device Management (MDM for short) is the technology used by enterprises for managing various mobile devices (like smartphone, tablets, laptops etc.,) brought into the corporate network by their respective employees. The dan...


Importance of a BYOD Policy in 2018

The widespread availability of mobile devices, along with faster internet and cloud computing has allowed employees to work from anywhere, especially with their own mobile devices (Bring your own device – BYOD). Faster or rather immediate communication has great benefi...


Mobile Device Management: Solutions for Android and Blackberry Devices

The effectiveness of mobile devices for enterprise activities had led to rapid increase in popularity of Android devices, Blackberry Devices, iOS devices and other devices running on various mobile operating systems. This has led to the necessity for mobile device management...


Advanced Capabilities of Leading Mobile Device Management Systems

Does Your Mobile Device Management (MDM) Contain The Following? Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology is talked about much these days. Chiefly because more and more enterprises are shifting towards a ‘mobile-device-driven’ work environment. While this trend c...


Five Reasons Why MDM is Inevitable for Small Businesses

We live in the age of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. These smartphones and tablets are not just part of our personal lives, it’s pervading the professional arena as well. With trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) getting popular, corporates and orga...


What you need to know about MDM and its benefits offered for enterprises?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the process of securing enterprise mobile devices, both employee and enterprise-owned, from the security threats these devices pose to the network and the devices themselves. MDM technology is especially essential in the modern-day context,...


BYOD and the Strategies to be Implemented

When you plan to implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in your organization, you should know what it means and how it will help your organization. BYOD is about allowing your employees to bring their own device to the office for the purpose of doing the official work. When...


Implement an Efficient BYOD Strategy for Your Enterprise

Organizations have been on a serious debate on both the benefits and set backs of bring your own Devices (BYOD) systems. On one hand, organizations like the way that it can conceivably lessen the cost of equipment and programming for the organization by enabling employees to...

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